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    [A] ┼ The Dark Templars ┼ [4/6H, 1/6H, 6/6N] - 25 man @ Neptulon EU

    *UPDATED 11/12/2012*

    Who are we:

    The Dark Templars is one of the oldest World Of Warcraft raiding guilds based on the English speaking server Neptulon EU. Our raiding progress and achievements have been remarkable throughout the expansions. We are a 25man raiding guild with a Leading Team consisted of experienced, friendly, multicultural and helpful members. Our guild’s spoken and written language is English.

    Recent noticeable achievements:
    Wotlk : finished as realm’s 3rd guild
    Cataclysm : finished as realms 4th 25 man raiding guild

    Current Progress / Realm Standing

    Mogu'shan Vaults: 5/6 Heroic
    Heart Of Fear: 1/6 Heroic
    Terrace Of Endless Spring: 4/4 Normal

    Realm Status : 2nd 25man guild

    Our goal:

    Our guild leaders are aiming high on each expansion, balancing friendly play with semi-hardcore raiding and striving for endgame heroic kills and top realm rankings. Our high raiding goals and strict rules come into balance with our friendly guild environment in order to give our members a more relaxing time while raiding.

    What we are looking for:

    The Dark Templars are looking for exceptional, dedicated and active new members to fill up the remaining spots in our raiding roster. We are looking for experienced, reliable and motivated new members who are ready and willing to help our guild achieve its goals, for true gamers who share the same passion for World of Warcraft as we do, for members with advanced raiding/class knowledge and noticeable prior raiding experiences. If you are a player who is enthusiastic about the game and can adjust and play well in a charged environment while constantly improving your role’s effectiveness in our raids, then you may be the one we are looking for.

    Current Recruitment Status : OPEN for exceptional: HOLY/DISC Priests,TANK classes (war,dk,monk,pala,druid), Hunters. Other Classes are also welcomed to apply.

    What we offer as a guild:

    Our experienced leading team will ensure the best raiding experience for you and the rest of our members. The Dark Templars is a server’s top raiding guild, aiming high on each expansion, giving you the heroic experience that you are looking for, endgame content and heroic boss kills, game’s top loot and gear and a friendly, calm, helpful environment consisting of old and new members who share the same goals. We also provide all raiding members and recruits with full access to potions, flasks, food and repairs at all times.

    How to become a member of our team:

    As a guild with great expectations and endgame goals we are always aiming for quality and not quantity. In order to apply for our guild, you only have to visit our website and our forum, given on the links below, and make a new application. Just that easy!

    Things to keep in mind while applying to our guild:

    • We have some strict raiding rules applied to all of our members in order to ensure a smoother and more relaxing progression throughout the expansion. Take a look at the links below before considering to apply.
    • As mentioned above, we are ONLY looking for motivated, greatly experienced and friendly players with a heavy knowledge of their class-role.
    • Our raiding times are between 20.00-24.00 server time on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, Mondays. Alt runs on Frindays/Saturdays as well.
    • Be ready to take your time and answer all of our application form questions and give as much information about you as you can. Make sure to impress us.
    • Be ready to get approved or declined by our recruitment team.

    How to contact us/apply to our guild:

    There are two ways to contact our guild
    • By visiting our website at www.dark-templars.com and posting on our /forums
    • By contacting one of our officers/gm online at Neptulon server (Alhakra, Xendor, Bashing, Hlithios, Shadowfáng, Dibo)

    In order to be a member of our guild, you can find the application thread at the following link :
    Application Form

    A final note:

    We appreciate your time spent on reading our recruitment message. We are looking forward in welcoming you to our family and spending our future raiding nights together, as a team. Our recruitment team will ensure a fast reply at your application form letting you know the soonest possible. Don’t forget to visit our website @ www.dark-templars.com for more information about our guild. Thank you!

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    Still looking for some exceptional tanks to join our raiding team!
    *updated 7/12/12*

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    *updated 11/12/2012*
    Still in a great need of TANK classes and Holy/disc priests

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