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    Soul Reaper highest Damage

    My DK is fully PVP geared and this is what i got so far.

    on a random mob my soul reaper did 270k dmg
    on a fully pvp geared player, soul reaper did 180k dmg

    What is your highest damage you got from applying soul reaper to a mob or player?

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    Blood Queen Lana'thel, 300% extra damage, have fun with 1m+ crits.

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    3 to 4 mil on meatball in brawlers guild, 1000% damage buff

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    1.3 million on Elegon with 11 stacks.

    This week we 9 manned MSV cause of attendance issues and we got 14 stacks, but no crit on Soul Reaper, but if it did it would be around 1.5m+.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehman View Post
    Blood Queen Lana'thel, 300% extra damage, have fun with 1m+ crits.
    Alyrazor. Birds. Have fun with 2m+ non crits.

    Highest i ever got. 9.5million. Have fun with enraged heroic 25 man baleroc. and tormented. 900% of your health dealt in a single swing. or was it like 2500% idk but i hit a soul repear. got tormented. he zerked. got hit by decimation. Bam 9.5 million crit in puragtory. (And this was BTW just doing for the kicks 24 healers 1 dk vs baleroc 25 hc. Didnt go out so well lol
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