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    [A] Veneficus Ex - The Venture Co. EU - Recruiting

    EU - Alliance
    The Venture Co. [Veneficus Ex] Recruiting

    [Veneficus Ex] is one of the last remaining Alliance bastions on the Venture Co. With the Mists of Pandaria expansion and it's new content in sight, we're looking for skilled and mature players to join our ranks.

    Raiding Schedule :
    Wednesday - Thursday - Monday 20:30 - 0:00 (GMT +1)

    Our current progression status :
    Cataclysm progression
    8/8 Dragon Soul HC
    7/7 - Firelands HC (7/7 25 normal)
    13/13 - Heroic BWD, BOT, ToFW
    12/12 - BWD, BOT, ToFW
    Completed during Wrath of the Lich King
    12/12 Heroic ICC 10
    10/12 Heroic ICC 25
    Heroic Halion 10

    * Herald of the Titans
    * a Tribute to Insanity
    * the Immortal
    * Dragonslayer

    Notable information :
    • We are the largest and most active Alliance guild on the Venture Co.
    • Our guild has been around since 2008, surviving all other Alliance raiding guilds on the realm
    • Realm first; level 25 guild
    • We do retroraids for achievements and fun on the weekend
    • Our doors are also open for the casual player

    In VEx you will find a friendly, social environment where there's always 10 - 30 people online to talk to or do random dungeons / battlegrounds with. When you log on Mumble just about any time of the day you'll always find some people to talk. Also it's the sort of guild people come back to after having decided to check if the grass could be greener on the other side..

    We are a guild made up of adults with jobs and real lives so we understand that real life comes first. When we raid, however, we do take things very seriously. Everyone is expected to prepare by learning tactics and bringing their own buffs.
    We use EPGP which is a very fair, quick and neutral way to distribute loot. Who earns loot is mathmatically decided based on participation and how much loot you've earned so far. As a new member you can expect to be on top of the priority list for loot after 2-3 raids. We also have a set-up for the cauldrons to provide flasks for every raider during raidnights.

    Goal :
    • We strive to complete all of the content the game has to offer. We've always cleared the tiers when they were current, now we're aiming to do so again in Mists of Pandaria.

    Currently we are looking for (25 man ) :

    All classes

    We are always on the lookout for exceptional players to add to our raid team. No application will be outright denied due to the class being full in the above list.


    Interested ? Is Veneficus Ex the kind of guild you're looking for ? Then visit our website where you can find our applicant information and application forms for both PvE and PvP. For more questions you can always contact one of our Officers in-game and we'll be happy to discuss it further.

    Officers : Edenspire, Gavendo, Elizabeth, Aureon, Anyana

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    Ultraxion HC down! Makes 3/8.

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    + Sinestra! Bump once again.

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    bumbump! we're still looking for active members. (:

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    Bump 5/8 hc so far

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    Vex, recruiting as always xx

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    Veneficus Ex is looking for skilled and mature players that want to raid, PvP and/or just socialize in a casual environment. Interested? Please apply at Recruiting for DS [5/8hc], RBGs & MoP.


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    Currently we are looking for (10 man hc) :

    - Priest healer (Holy/Disc)
    - DK/Paladin tank
    - Dpsers, esp. Moonkin, Retri pala, Shadow priest, Warlock

    We are always on the lookout for exceptional players to add to our raid team. No application will be outright denied due to the class being full in the above list.

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    Blackhorn Hc down! 6/8 DS

    El bumpo.

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