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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    I think Nevalistis summed this up quite well: This is one of the biggest misconceptions we have, and I genuinely wish we could permanently clear it up. I'll provide a few hypothetical situations (mind you, these numbers are ENTIRELY made up).

    Let's say 90% of botters were compromised accounts. This means that 90% of these botters aren't paying accounts; they're stolen accounts, which are generally fueled by stolen credit cards. These payments usually get disputed and taken back, which actually costs us money. If we're looking to make a purely fiscal observation, it makes no financial sense to let these continue (aside from the fact that we don't like compromised accounts to begin with — we want our players to be playing their own accounts safely and enjoyably).

    Let's go on the other side of the fence and say 90% of these botters were otherwise legitimate players paying for their accounts, as you purport. When players bot, other players are inconvenienced by this behavior (and trust me, you guys outnumber the botters, even if you may feel it's the other way around). The inconveniences range from normal players having difficulty farming on their own to struggling to keep up with an economy that's being forcibly fluctuated via unfair advantage. When players are inconvenienced in this manner, they submit petitions.

    Every petition submitted goes to a Game Master for review. A living, breathing person that is paid to provide customer service looks over it, does what's necessary for the situation (in botting cases, usually forwarding the info on to our exploitation/hacks team), and provides a response. Let's say 1–2 people are inconvenienced by a single botter (in all likelihood, we probably get many more petitions per botter than that). This would mean each botter is inconveniencing at least as many, and likely more, players that are positive to the community (the kinds of players we like and want to continue to play our game). For each botter we allow to continue botting, we potentially stand to lose more than we gain for a single subscription, just out of the sheer inconvenience it causes other players.

    Even if you change those numbers around of legitimate players versus compromised accounts — we only stand to lose more if we don't take action on bots (which we do, regularly).

    He doesn't say 90% of botters are compromised accounts, he says lets "say" 90% are. This statement means nothing because you could also say lets say 5% of the accounts are compromised. In fact in the paragraph before it he even says MIND YOU, THESE NUMBERS ARE ENTIRELY MADE UP

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    He doesn't say 90% of botters are compromised accounts, he says lets "say" 90% are. This statement means nothing because you could also say lets say 5% of the accounts are compromised. In fact in the paragraph before it he even says MIND YOU, THESE NUMBERS ARE ENTIRELY MADE UP
    Yep, PR trying to make it look like they're doing something, but in the end it's all hot air and they can't back up anything. At all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medanielle View Post
    No surprise there; there's almost no sense in permabanning a paying customer if you think about it.
    There IS sense in permanently banning cheaters. Because otherwise you set a precedence for this kind of thing making ACTUAL and usually more loyal customers quit the game. Keeping bots is a massive short-term gain. It is an even bigger long-term loss.
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    i have stopped doing bgs, so many damn bots its like hitting ur head against a brick wall. very sad really, blizzard have something in bgs that can be way more involving and fun than doing stuff like dailies and yet it's gone to complete shit because they are not doing anything about bots.

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    I personally believe if they were able to detect who bots, and they banned them all, they would lose AT LEAST 10% of the database right now, thats how bad it is
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    I think the whole botting fiasco is fuelled by shit players. If it's such a big issue, why don't people like reckful complain about it?
    this game sucks

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    bots pay sub fees.

    is blizzard going to cut into profits over some honor bot? not likely.

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    Obviously most of the bots are hacked accounts. The "bad guys" hack peoples accouns, level up your character from 1 to 90 for free! Thats pretty cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    Yes, companies never ever look at reputational loss, or customer satisfaction ever. What are you? 12?

    Sheesh, as always the know all nothings come out and ramble on with the same BS over, and over.
    Some really don't... hell man, there are companies who THRIVE on them being jack-asses (Donald Trump comes to mind...)

    And must I point out half of the movies that come out of Hollywood today? Can you PLEASE explain why Uwe Boll is STILL making movies after all this time?

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