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    Wrath was the best overall, as someone said earlier it brought in the largest number of subs into the game. The simple fact is and problem with cata they admitted to, was they listned to much to the vocal minority and screwed things over in cata that didn't need to be tampered with.


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    Quote Originally Posted by creb99 View Post
    In TBC, it was attunements coupled with reputation: Blizz decided dungeons was not easily accessible to the core of their customer base, so they fixed that in WOTLK.



    TBC was plain perfect as it was, that was nothing "to fix", they simply decided to change it in Wrath. (Which turned to be sad tho)

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    Quote Originally Posted by creb99 View Post
    In TBC, it was attunements coupled with reputation: Blizz decided dungeons was not easily accessible to the core of their customer base, so they fixed that in WOTLK.

    In WOTLK, it was the quick and easy dungeons that everybody could do very quickly and got bored of just as quickly, so they fixed that in Cata.

    In Cata, it was the going back to difficult and longer lasting dungeons and disjointed zones, so they fixed that in MoP by going back to the WOTLK type dungeons and a single, large continent.

    In MoP, it is the release of major content via dailies. Dailies is the thing they are going to "fix" in the next expansion. You heard it here first.

    Hah, fix. Yeah right. You could call it fix, but I'll call it fine tune. A fix is what they did with talents, or attunements, or hard dungeons. You remove the old thing and put a brand new one in.

    They'll tune back dailies, as GC said in his interview, make plenty of dailies to keep you busy, but not so many you get burned out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by traen View Post
    You just mentioned 3 major advantages of the tbc.

    - Better server social life. Your reputation amongst other players. The feel of the real mmorpg. Now I'm not sure if I run dungeons with bots or real players. And I'll never see them again.

    - You skill actually meant something. You had reasons to improve yourself - too see more content and to recieve rewards not available to other players. Now everyone can defeat the greatest villain of the expansion in 40 minutes, while being afk half of the fights. And ofc they will get their shiny epics. Without any effort, again.

    - People played with their mains and they did it well. Attunements were hard and time consuming for new player, but they kept him in game and forced him to improve himself. Nowadays I can see a bunch of noobs, telling that they are "clearing lfr with 8 alts every week", while their skill with their main is so awful that they've never seen anything but lfr. Instead of doing hard heroics and improving themselves, they spend their time for useless farming.

    There were some disadvantages of tbc, but not the ones you mentioned.
    The server social life was not where a lot of people seem to remember it. Spending hours "LF 1 tank heroic XXX" was not a fun social building exercise in TBC. And that was very very common. Now, the difficulty level of heroics - I would agree was a positive social exercise. But putting a PuG together was not.

    The whole "skill meant something" is not what I was talking about. A majority of player at max level in TBC did not raid at all. Of those who did, a majority did not make it past Kara. That is a strong indicator that the level difficulty relative to the playerbase skill was out of whack. That's all I was saying.

    Attunements did nothing to "make you a better player". They were just time consuming quests that gated alt progression. Significantly worse than in any other expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    TBC was perfect, there was nothing to fix in it. They just thought it would be better to do things Wotlk style, how wrong were they.

    I agree with this

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Yeah wrong....yet Wrath brought in the most subscribers.
    TBC brought in the most subscribers, wrath only brought in 1 million.

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    The only thing they REALLY need to fix in MoP is the dailies. Sure a few other things could be twinked around as well but the dailies are just brutal. Trying to get to IL 470 to run the last 3 raids without doing the dailies is pretty tough to do.

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