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    Possible to equip and fully utilize relic of chi ji and relic of yu'lon

    Hi there,

    I was browsing maxdps and noticed that both DMF trinkets are ranked very high. I then thought of the possibility to have one "chi ji" and one "yu'lon" for my disc specc.
    Thinking I will most likely proc both since I will keep AA up.

    But then I thought that it might not be possible since the actual proc from each trinket are named "blessing of the celestials", but I am unable to verify this as I cannot find the spell ID.

    Anyone tried this?


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    The trinkets both say "Unique-Equipped: Darkmoon Card of the Mists (1)" in the tooltip, so I don't think it's possible to equip both at the same time.
    I have not tried it, though.

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    I've got both trinkets, if you try to equip both you get an error message: "you may only equip 1 item in the darkmoon card of the mists category"

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