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    Love Dungeon Keeper <-- CLICK HERE!!

    Hey guys

    Just found myself something very interesting, if you know of a game called dungeon keeper then you will LOVE THIS!

    Its called War for the Overworld

    Havent posted here often enough to actually post a link... ./sadface , if possible could someone else post the link, its on kickstarter, under projects/subterraneangames.

    I was saddened when they put a holt on DK3! and finally this looks really really good!!

    Even if you dont think you will like it, please pass it onto your friends that might be! every little bit helps!!


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    Looks keeperish :P i actually palyed both DK1 and 2 recently (yet again) so would be nice to see some dk like game come out :>
    Here you go

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    Thanks man! i just thought mmo champ has a great community and would be awesome to spread the word

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    this looks very promising, i still play DK1 and its almost as if they created the perfect game for me. i love dungeon keeper and i am constantly hoping that someone makes something decent out of it again. fingers crossed for this!

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    Looks nice. Too bad it is literally Dungeon Keeper in new graphics...
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