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    needtoknow not working?

    my needtoknow dont seem to show the procc on jade spirit. my other proccs seems to work tho. is it the new procc system thats messing with the procc? also any tips on addons that work good for showing buffs/trinkets /icd?

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    Hi there,

    I'm using the Aura Icons from ElvUI to track my buffs, and I noticed yesterday that the jade spirit proc didn't show up anymore if I set a filter only allowing my personnal buffs to appear.

    So maybe this buff is not considered as a self buff anymore. Even if I don't know anything about N2K, maybe you got an option somewhere that asks if this aura is personnal or not.

    Hope this helps !

    ps : about your second question, I used to use PowerAura in cataclysm, but Elvui seems enough atm. I might give WeakAura a try since I've heard a lot about it recently.

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    Mine still tracks the buff (and only mine) aswell as DMC: Serpent decj CD + buff and Light of the Cosmos CD+buff
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    god its driving me nutts cant get why it wont track my jade spirit. i have it on player and as a buff

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    I personally like to use Elkano Buff Bars to monitor all of my trinket/weapon procs and short term buffs. Just set a group to whitelist only and choose the buffs you want to track. Tracks jade spirit just fine for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortaz View Post
    god its driving me nutts cant get why it wont track my jade spirit. i have it on player and as a buff
    I had this problem. Dont have it on player. This will fix it. I had the same problem with Tellmewhen. I took it off player and it works.

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    I tried this last night and still couldn't get Jade Spirit to show up. If I am not supposed to have it on player then when should I have it on? (note - I only recently started using this addon so please feel free to dumb it down for me)

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    Remove "Show only if cast by self" and it will work.

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    Weak Auras can't track it now.
    Can't find Jade Spirit in combat log too.

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    It does work, i think its possible that jade spirit buff name has changed. This has happened to other procs as well, like essence of terror trinket. The buff used to be "Essence of Terror" now its called "Quickened Tongues".

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    Is there a way to make elvui show jade spirit ? And if yes how....i just got mine and its not working -_-
    rly sucks, would like to use it with haunt but cant!
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    Just put jade Spirit in your whitelist and profit

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    Quote Originally Posted by noaim View Post
    Remove "Show only if cast by self" and it will work.
    I love you.

    Oh man this random trip into the Warlock forums really paid off. Yay being able to track jade spirit again!

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