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I was looking at defiler being the more dominate part. If we go 44/36 def/ward or even 40/40 warden takes up the majority of casts that the only thing the defiler is doing is the link on the tank and explosive growth emergency tank heal.

I would like defiler to have some kind of effective aoe healing which is needed since we already have sent and purifier. I think it would benefit if it had some decent aoe in the low tiers to synergize with others. Right now its pigeon hold into warden for any and all aoe.

And I hate fowl growth stacks when attacking for your link targets only.

Hate it. When it was released I was hoping for a DoL kinda thing that's not restricted to the amount of links you have.
in this regard i wouldnt mind seeing some kind of talent that allows the heal when target attacks bond to trigger heals on the raid instead of just you, as a deep defiler thing. Perhaps with increased healing on link targets? Or perhaps a new cooldown that causes damage you take to heal the raid? something that would be able to be turned on when needed, but not spammed. Maybe a toggle effect that drained increasing amounts of mana per second the longer it was active, instead of being a cooldown?