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    Glyph of Conc Shot

    Oh how I miss you dear old friend.

    So I haven't been playing my hunter in PvP quite as much lately so I'm a bit rusty but it just seems like there are some melee that if you don't have all your CD's up are a god damn nightmare to try to get off your toes. I mean most of them have pretty decent gap closers now and once they are there (Hi Mr. Warrior/Frost DK/Feral) you get to enjoy a firm and unenjoyable buttox cleansing. Deathgrip, Disengage, Deathgrip again, that was fun. Warrior charge, Disengage, Heroic Leap, Oh hi, you again. I know there are far worse issues in pvp at the moment and I also know that hunters are not bottom feeders in the pvp world. I just really felt like I was missing this dearly last night. I would even take a longer CD on Conc Shot to have it back.

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    Miss it myself.

    Bootstrapper throws a delicious chocolate filled cookie at you!

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    Anyone have some helpful tidbits for keeping some of these melee in check? I swear I'm wearing cloth with them in my face sometimes...

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    Tip when fighting DKs. Wait a 2 seconds after a death grip and its on CD for the full duration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petraclese View Post
    Tip when fighting DKs. Wait a 2 seconds after a death grip and its on CD for the full duration.
    Can you plz explain this further.
    "Druid must be boss, Hunter is just Drain-monkey.

    Hunter scatter this rogue.
    Hunter drain that priest.
    Hunter where is frost trap. Bad Hunter! No banana!
    Hunter where is flare? No flare, you get replaced by retarded warrior!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotjuice View Post
    Can you plz explain this further.

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    I mostly have problems with warriors, as the mostly have Double Timer: charge, disengage, charge, expl trap, heroic leap.

    But ye, entrapment and glyph of conc shot are so much missed as MM these days.

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    I run into this same thing with Warriors but honesly, either way they will have another gap closer ready in almost all cases. DK's aren't bad until you have to burn Master's Call and don't have readiness, then it gets unfun. I can't believe they have got away with having Second Wind in it's state for this long either. It's amazing the turtling they can do w/ CD's up during Second Wind phase. It certainly needs a CD of it's own at this point. I know, I'm sure I'll get the L2P on this one.

    Entrapment, still not sure why this one didn't get worked in as a spell for all specs. I miss it dearly as well and every now and again I'm reminded when I join a bg while soloing and the game is already in progress and get stuck in Survival Spec.

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