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    Oh nice, they finally banned Jaylock. About time.

    From a non raid content standpoint, this is my favorite xpac of all time. I've really enjoyed everything about it, other than dailies after doing enough of them. I don't pvp so I can't speak to that.

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    Yes, I tend to always get my monies worth when it comes to wow, because its cheaper than a night at a the cinema :S

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    its a decent xpac, i just wish there was more to do besides dailies (when not raiding)

    blizzard needs some new ideas for content, imo. the solution to people being burnt out on dailies is NOT MORE DAILIES.

    make something unique that people WANT to do.

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    the monthly sub costs less than a movie ticket and i do still enjoy the game so yes i'd say i get my moneys worth.

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    so far MoP has brought enough worth for what i spent on it.

    the quests often had good overall story lines (i actually bothered reading every single one of them). the raids so far are really cool, though i kinda wish it was a bit smaller since 16 bosses in 3 places is quite a lot to do each week.
    dailies are a major complaining point, while i myself found them pretty fun to do. though i stopped doing them once i reached exalted too focus on other stuff more also.

    5.1 so far as me pretty excited, im rushing as quickly as i can too earn 3k rep so the next part of the story chain gets unlocked (should reach 6k/12k today, looking forward too it)

    so yes overall im still really happy about it, and i havent even really tried out the new pet battle mini game which if i may believe my guildies is pretty dam awesome.

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    Kinda off-topic: Funny thing is I arrived in this thread and was just about reply asking Jaylock, how (s)he still active with so much flame bait (s)he's throwing around?
    But I thought that I should maybe vote first then reply, the moment the page got refreshed after voting (s)he had gotten the banhammer.

    Back on topic: I get to play the game for perhaps a maximum of 20-30 hours a month and within that period I'm not even able to play everything the game offers and even though being a Pokémon addict I haven't been able to touch the Pet Battles content.

    So yeah, I get my money's worth.

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    This probably didn't need to be necroed from almost a year ago.

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