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    Angry reset achievements from top guilds or set the dps back to normal????

    after all the heroic clears dps is nerfed from alot classes now little paragon is happy now they got it all clear got there gear and on... so they don't feel the nerfs but the players that tryed to progress get a NERF + the bosses are still the same lolol for us its harder to kill i gues for top guilds it will be still easy grinding and boosting ppl for gold while we stil stuck getting a piece 1 by 1 slowly ............ wasap duckssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    So they should be punished for clearing content faster than you/me/average person?

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    That was a weird text..

    But no. We all play on equal terms. Play good and you'll reach as much DPS as any other class.

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    And are they still raiding? Are they still clearing the place? If the answer is yes, what is your problem?

    As long as they can still clear the content, the problem is with you. When Paragon can kill the boss when you can't. clearly it is all about the OP class (which you also have access to), and gear (which you would have access to if you downed more boss). So, what did they have that you didn't when you started at the same time? Even let you have the nerf un-do for another 2-3 weeks you problem still can't clear anyway, so stop crying.

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    a mage that did 190k do now 100k and you call this fair progress? are you a fucking mental retard or something? and then i din't talk about the aoe dmg from dk's thats is pulling bad progression guilds back into the ground what the fuck is your problem you cockhead? you don't evne know how it is to dps with good gear and bad gear stupid worthless piece of cockbreath

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    you don't see it eh? 5.0 POWAH DPS all hc cleared and now 5.1 OK WE GOT THE GEAR you can nerf the classes now the ugliest bitch blowjobed a high placed retard inside blizzard to make this happening

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    You never know
    The top guilds would have still gotten the world firsts no matter what.

    And to be honest, I think that this is just bad trolling =/
    But time is on your side
    It's on your side now
    Not pushing you down and all around
    It's no cause for concern

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    Shut the fuck up you mental cock this is no trolling this is fucking retarded what blizzard is doing

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    I find it hard to believe that one week of heroic gear from a couple bosses is enough to cover the gaping 90k dps difference per mage.

    Nice insults there btw. Too bad I can only understand half of what you're saying.

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    Did your retarded mom lurned you that word trolling, its called joking around do this looks like a fucking joke?????????????????????????

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    Someone's going to get a juicy ban for Christmas.
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    Okay, I think this thread doesn't need to be open anymore since it's full of hysteria and insults instead of proper discussion.

    Chill out.
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