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    fine tuning rotation as combat

    Hey guys,

    Short story I missed hell of alot of MoP due to ISP problems and moving home so far so am well behind...

    heres my armoury http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...C3%ADum/simple

    Ive been pretty lucky in LFR at least, no luck in the few raids that I have attended, I know I need new weps also, also my hit/exp will change after tonights raid, hoping for a wep then Ill run shadowcraft or wow reforge to get it spot on as Ive been doing it after every LFR and rep upgrade and its cost me hunders so far ;P

    Anyway, Im finding myself miles behind guildies atm, Cant provide Logs atm im sorry.

    Im using what I understand to be the right rotation in keeping SnD and RvS up ofc, weaving rupture in only using 5cp finishers etc, My questions are what could I do to improve it slightly, for e.g when deep insight is fading and I cnt get that last CP, would it be a dps increase the use a 4CP finisher before deep insight fades or should I just pool CPs till I get back to shallow insight and use 2 finishers there for e.g

    Currently when KS comes off CD Im waiting for the next level of insight if Im at stage 2 for e.g, should I bother doing this as its only 2 globals till next level or just use right away, I never wait to AR/SB I just use it as it comes off if I can use full duration.

    I have just joined this guild and hopefully they run WoLs if they do Ill try and post one after my next raid to see if theres anything Im doing wrong there. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated also, something that isnt obvious I could be missing, I've got all my info from places like EJ, Icy Veins and noxxic.com

    Thanks in advance


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    Respeccing to Assassination will increase your DPS more than slightly optimizing your Combat rotation.

    Other than that, you're missing an enchant on your bracers, not using Dancing Steel, and agi to boots is superior to haste. You should still be gemming Agi right now because 1 agi > 2 haste for you currently (Dancing Steel + new reforges change this though). I would use Shadowcraft for your gear optimizations.

    Consider swapping to Mut before you optimize everything for Combat though.

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    Thx, Ive been unlucky with weps hence the reason for only being combat atm, I have only 1x 463 dagger and 1x 450 dagger, just won 2.60 fist wep so I now have 1 lfr 2.60 and norm 2.60 + the 463 dagger. I will change the gems and enchants as soon as poss and also as soon I get 2 daggers i will have mut spec but for now with the 2 crappy weps i have im guessing the dps would be lower

    Also would it better to use 2x 2.60 speed weps for cleave fights or even single target as they are higher ilvl?

    thx again


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    x2 2.6 is going to be higher DPS in any time when you can use KS properly, given it isnt by much. because you have higher ilevel fist in any situation they are better.

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    im in the exact same boat ive won like 7 fist weapons from normal mode and lfr. not a single dagger has dropped for me this expansion. Dont get me wrong i love combat as a spec but mut is just so much better for the single target fights
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