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    [A] <Iterum> EU-Aszune 9/16hc recruiting for 10hc progression!


    About Iterum:
    Iterum is a 10m raiding guild based on EU-Aszune. Most of our raiders have raided hardcore in the past with several world top 10 and top 20 kills during WotLK looking to have a more humane schedule, and together we have long lasting members that do their job efficiently while having fun. Our hardcore side comes from all our members having one thing in common which is the passion for raiding, we strongly make use of the time we have to provide efficient top end raiding pushing current tier content all the way.

    In addition to raiding, many members do like to PvP and do other activities in game and other games for those that desire.

    Current progress:
    MV 6/6 H
    HoF 3/6 H
    ToES 4/4 N


    Current raid times:
    Wed 19.30-23.30
    Thur 19.30-23.30
    Sun 19.30-23.30
    Mon 19.30-23.30

    Currently recruiting:
    • Warrior (dps) - HIGH
    • Warlock - HIGH
    • Shaman (elemental) - Low
    • Hunter - Low

    In addition to the listed players, exceptional players of all classes who can compete for a raid spot will be considered.

    What we require from you:
    • Considering the relatively laid back raiding schedule we expect a very high attendance.
    • Our raiders are competing for raid spots, so high performance is a must.
    • Prior experience in high end raiding.
    • Teamspeak is required.

    Please use the application form on our webpage to apply. All applications are private for our raiders' eyes only.


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    Currently recruiting:
    •Pala (prot) - High
    •Warrior (prot) - High
    •Shaman (elemental) - Low
    •Hunter - Low

    Progression atm is 11/16HC!

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