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    [H] <Nikhedonia> Grim Batol Currently 4/6 MSV

    About Nikhedonia:
    A friendly guild that likes to have fun while raiding without neglecting progressing further!
    Our progress isn't the most appealing one you'll see from guilds looking for people but to our defence i think only 1 of our raids have been a full guild raid due to lack of correct amount of tanks/healers dedicated to raiding. We started playing(again) about 1 month after MoP hit rerolled to horde most people started fresh leveling from 1-90.

    What we are looking for:
    People that are serious, dedicated and want continuity in their raiding.
    1 Tank (anything but a paladin is fine)
    1-2 Healers (1 with a decent dps off-spec, atm we have cloth and leather wearing healers so a shammy or pally would have no competition for loot)
    Any DPS that's exceptional is welcome

    We use Mumble for voice communcation.
    More info is available at our website.


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    current progress is now 4/6 MSV 1/6 HoF will most likely clear msv soon and get onto HoF for real once we can stabilize or raiding and not having people go AWOL on us

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