View Poll Results: What is the FUNNEST PvP class at the moment?

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  • Warlock

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  • Paladin

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  • Death Kniight

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  • Hunter

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  • Shaman

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  • Priest

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  • Mage

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  • Warlock

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  • Druid

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  • Rogue

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  • Feral

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    What is the FUNNEST PvP class at the moment? Not the most OP.

    I know what the most "OP" classes are at the moment. What I'm wanting to know is what is the funnest class? I am having trouble finding a class that i personally find fun. I have tried most of them, and have most classes at least to 85+ with a few 90s. I play a DK mostly, and while I have fun on it, it's survivability atm is laughable and I'm looking for a 2nd character to play. I have been thinking priest or monk because I have never played those, but not sure if they're fun or not.

    Please weigh in on which class you believe is the most FUN to play in PvP.

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    The most fun class is...the one the poster below me will say it is.

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