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    Corsaid H100 on sale (canadian site - 79.99)


    79.99 for a h100, seems like a pretty decent price. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot!

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    haha, I saw the "canadian site" and knew immediately it was going to be memex. Hein and the boys need to expand to locations all over North America already, best store ever.

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    H100's are getting marked down world wide with the release of the H100i

    Great price though!
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    Only buy an H-100 if all you care about is looks. My 20 dollar CM hyper 212+ cooled my 2500k 4c less than a H-100 at prime 95 load temps, and was only 1c warmer at idle. I sent my h-100 back the next day, complete waste of money if you already have a decent air cooler.

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