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    Help MMO champion is zoomed so far out I cant read it!

    I opened MMO champ today only to find that the ENTIRE front page is on the screen, there is no way or reason to scroll because everything is right there... but its SO small that I cant read any of it because all of the words are blurred together... how do I fix this?

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    Hold CTRL, press +

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    In Chrome, I can use Ctrl-mousewheel to zoom in and out. Might work with other browsers too. Maybe try that?

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    Ctrl-0 resets the zoom on firefox, ctrl-scrollwheel to zoom in and out with most browsers

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    If he can't see, I wonder how he's gonna read our replies.

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    Well he can select everything and copy paste into some other forum or into a txt file ;D
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    Also most browsers have a zoom setting somewhere in a view menu with a 'reset zoom' option!

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    All of the above, ctrl + 0 works on every browser, I think. An easier way to zoom in/out of the page would be pressing CTRL and scrolling up or down.

    Opera and Chrome also have some separate zoom in/out bars.
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    CTRL + 0 or 'Reset Zoom' in menu

    Sorry for big text but it's readable in my browser's maximum zoom c:

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