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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakamae View Post
    DBM does not alert you to wind bombs that are near you if they weren't cast directly on you. You can still be in the trigger radius if it was thrown at someone next to you. Also, maybe turn up your particle density a bit? That might help you see the smokey outline a bit better.

    Our raid group has ranged at max range loosely spread behind the boss, tank kites around the outside edge of the room. If a wind bomb gets dropped near you, you just take a few steps forward. This means if he targets you for his blade throw, you can always move left or right to avoid it, never near a bomb. When we start getting too close to melee, the tank moves the boss. You will hit the enrage well before the room fills with wind bombs, unless they are getting too spread out. Just over compensate so it's a non issue. When in doubt, move away.
    But if everyone in the raid is using DBM, he should see the chat bubble nearby "Wind Bomb On Me!"

    Which is a great cue to take a look at your feet and adjust positioning if needed.

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    First... Yes, DBM tells you when there is a bomb NEAR you.

    Second.. I agreee.. turn your monitor on.

    out of all the mechanics this tier.. wind bombs is the biggest joke. it lands ON you before it activates...

    and we all know people just love to STARE at their toon rather then pay attention to surroundings.

    if your UI looks like this
    i dont think your problem lies in dbm
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    Wowza space, thats an incredible UI. Reminde me of the Southpark episode with the ultimate wower.

    @op, i know there are some mean things in this thread bout turning on your monitor or whatever but theyre is some underlying truth to it. I have to think something else is going on. With every raid there are mechanics you have to watch for right? you learn which mechanics they are, get comfortable with their timings and adjust. this is one of the eaiser mechanics in the fight so that leads me to believe that your focusing on other things?

    Are you watching for CC timers or something? What else are you responsibel for in raid, maybe youre multitasking isnt as high as someone else so you could pass off soem responsibilty to someone else.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyqu View Post
    turn on your computer monitor
    Best advice so far.

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    Are you a clicker ?
    Thats the only possible reason i can think of to have a consistent problem with bomb dodging. Everyone probably exploded once, in lfr at least. But constantly. ..hmm
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    same things as shannox traps really.. when he chucks one on you.. just get outta the way.. it arms after 3 seconds so u have plenty of time.. just be prepared.

    assuming you are ranged be sure you are spread out kinda far away from the boss.. and jus strafe left or right.. the radius for detonation is really small.. you can see it on high graphics.. but ya just basically avoid them and if hes about to do his boomerang attack make sure u know where you can run so you dont step on a bomb trying to avoid it.

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    Call 911 there is bomb in the building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stiglet View Post
    Did you have the same problem with wiping the raid on LK? Cos if you did, then this is exactly the same kinda thing.
    I don't agree that it's the same. Wind Bomb looks very different from Shadow Trap, and it's naive to ignore that difference. If someone is failing Wind Bomb more than other mechanics, I suspect it's just because they have much more transparency than other ground effects. He may have all the right reflexes for avoiding ground effects, but just isn't practiced in recognizing Wind Trap visually yet, especially in peripheral vision.

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    A couple of things I can think of / suggest:

    1. What graphic settings are you running at? I play at High myself but maybe you can't see it clearly enough at low settings? Are you able to see the "smoky" circle around the bombs?

    2. Like someone else asked, are you setting off bombs that are thrown on others or are you ignoring the ones that land on you? If it's the former, there's a slim chance of your raid's positioning being sub optimal. There should be enough space to spread around in the room, especially if you play 10 man so maybe your group has too many bombs up in one small area?

    3. If your problem is not realizing that a bomb has landed on you, DBM and Big Wigs show warnings. Make sure they're enabled. If you're like me and respond better to aural cues, try the GTFO addon and see if it helps (I haven't used it in a while so I'm not certain if it warns you about this ability but it's a nice addon anyway.).

    4. Is this normal mode or heroic? The way my guild does heroic Mel'Jarak, we don't get the amber resins, so we don't have to run around to remove it, possibly setting off a nearby bomb in the process. We also don't spend too much time below 75% so we don't have the entire platform covered either. In fact, the only time any of us ever move is to avoid Whirling Blade and any bombs that are thrown on ourselves.

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