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    2H Frost Opener

    Was wondering if you all could help me by posting your Openers and what dps it brings to you. My opener is kind of bland gets me around 170k while I know others are getting around 230-250k with similar gear.

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    increase 20% critical banner 40 yards from warrior

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    Army, HoW, DA, Pre-Pot, HB while running in, blood plague, obliterate, wait for trinkets to proc (usually happens straight away), plague leech, pop CDs macro (pillar, blood fury, ghoul), outbreak, Oblit/FS spam (ignore Rime procs - I'll also ERW during this time if I'll get 2 during the fight to maximise OB/FS output during that opening burst).

    This pooled with Lust + Skull Banner I'll peak @ 270-290K dps.

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