Hi, so i just recently aquired the LFR version of tier 14 head the "Firebid's Faceguard" and I allready got the LFR tier Shoulders which was an upgrade and so on, however im not sure if I should use the LFR tier head over the reputation bought "Nightwatcher's Helm" from The Shado-Pan.

Statwise the difference is: -62 intellect, -86 spirit and +603 mastery instead of 569 crit, this is if i replace it.
So basically it's loosing 62 intellect 86 spirit vs getting the two set bonus, that is 10% manacost of GHW

I'm guessing it is worth losing the int and spirit for the two sets but i would like some more opinions.
So i loose a tad mainstats, spirit and int, but i gain a tad higher secondary stat aswell as the 2 set bonus, and yes i do realise it depends personally how much i use GHW and so on, but any thoughts about this even so?