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    Dragon Kite Hotfix = New Battle Pet

    Level 1: Breath
    Level 2: Call Lightning
    Level 4: Volcano
    Level 10: Tail Sweep
    Level 15: Roar
    Level 20: Lift-Off

    Thank you @mumper for keeping up us updated on this!

    Should be a lot easier to sell now! Also, you will notice that while out it is closer to the ground now.

    Take note that after being made a battle pet, it lost its 2 other colors (Blue & Green). BUT @mumper did confirm that they are looking into fixing that in 5.2.0

    Also Tuskarr kite should be a pet in 5.2.0

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    That is an awesome looking pet !

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    Oh thank you! I love my dragon kite and hoped it'd be available for battles, this is so great I'm also glad they are looking into fixing the issue with the colour changing, one of the things I loved about it was the ability to choose the colour you wanted

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