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    Most viable in Arena, HPally or Mistweaver ?

    Hello, so I got a holy paladin and a mistweaver ready for pvp. They are both equally geared and I can manage playing both pretty well. I also have fun with both of the classes.

    I'm running a comp with a warrior friend, and a 3v3 comp with said warrior friend and a windwalker.

    So the question is, which of the 2 healing classes, is best for arena?

    We are aiming to practice mostly this season, since we both havent pvped since Tbc, but we would like to get as high as we can.


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    Well if having the mistwalker healing in the 3s means you being ret, I'd say go with the mistwalker. But then again, holy pallies got an annoyingly high amount of CC....So I guess it falls into the who plays better with their toon.

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    Paladin by a pretty large margin. Although they can get destroyed by casters pretty easily, the support they bring for melee is amazing. They may well be the strongest healer for physical-based comps. Double freedoms mean a lot with the cooldown on dispels.

    Monks are kind of a joke healer for PvP, too. They've got strange throughput (channeling, orbs) and pretty much nothing to avoid CC aside from their high mobility. Their CC is actually not bad, but designed around sitting in melee range. Definitely bottom tier.

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    Paladin hands-down. They are amazingly fun to play right now. Clemency and Holy Prism are great, and I severely underrated Selfless Healer for too long.

    MW Monks are good at surviving stuns, but that's their biggest niche. GC said in some interviews today that they're looking at MW and WW abilities to buff them in PvP. The representation is very low right now, even accounting for the leveling differences.

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    Definitely Paladin!!!

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    Paladins are way way way way way better than MW Monks in Arena atm. It looks different in RBG though

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    Take your warrrior, go h-pala and get a caster (or feral/dk) for some quite easy rating early on.

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    Id say pala as well...they have the 2nd most CC after druid healers. Plus utility especially since your buddy is a warrior and after the avatar nerf, having freedom is awesome.

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