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    What should I expect from this?

    on a diet that goes something like this.

    Wake up at noon, eat a "Builders Bar", three hours later have chicken, brown rice, and something green, three hours later have a protein shake, keeping up with the trend ill have maybe some cut of fish, carb and fiber, before eating some cottage cheese before bed.

    My results have been this at 6'2.

    Week 1
    Thursday = ???
    Friday = ???
    Saturday = ???

    Week 2
    Sunday = ???
    Monday = ???
    Tuesday = ???
    Wednesday= ???
    Thursday = ???
    Friday = ???
    Saturday 12/1/2012 weight = 292.6

    Week 3
    Sunday 12/2/2012 weight = 292.4
    Monday 12/3/2012 weight = 291.6
    Tuesday 12/4/2012 weight = 290.4
    Wednesday 12/5/12012 weight = 289.0

    The question marks indicate when the scale would error out on me, the highest I was ever able to get a number for without an error was 297, though I dont remember what day it was on.

    Iv only been to the gym once on this program, but will go more when I can pay for membership and dont need to leech off someone else's.
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    You might hate what I'm going to tell you, but aside what you can think, it's the only truth;

    Pick the diet you wish, one that you believe might work, because you read about it, because someone told you, your doctor or a friend. It doesn't matter which one you pick, just believe that it's the correct diet.

    What I'm trying to say here is that it's all in your mind. As cold as it sounds. If you really want it, the diet you picked will work for you.

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    Don't need a gym to go out for a walk or to do some basic stuff at home - everything counts no matter how mundane you think it is, so an hour's walk every day will help bring your weight down a bit & you don't need a gym to do it.
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