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    [fire] Trying to figure out stat priority for POM/AT/pyro/pyro/AT/pyro/pyro/combust

    I'm a bit new to mages and am still trying to figure out how to use SimC properly.

    I use POM/AT/pyro/pyro/AT/pyro/pyro/combust every 3 minutes and POM/pyro/pyro/combust every other 3 minutes.

    I'd like to get a list of stat priorities for that rotation as I feel the current sets in existance have mastery underrated.

    Thanks for any help you can lend.

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    personally I've gone hit/exp to cap, MAX crit, haste to 3040+ rating, mastery, haste (past cap). I've had better than expect results after the nerfs, topping the meters 3 out of 5 fights last night. the two fights that i didn't top the meter, i died once and the other was sha of fear which the meters are always fucked up.

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    Any SimC experts know the stat weights for this rotation? I'm not sure how to enter it in the simulate script.

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    Why would you built a spec around one spell that does at the current state 10-15% of you total DMG? Hell, even in the unnerved state it was only max. 30%. You dont play a fire mage this way. Its the same stat priorety as mentioned above CRIT, haste to 3040+, mastery

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