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    I never meant to do LFR with friends. I guess I should have said the easiest way to avoid an LFR kick is to not raid in the LFR, and only raid with friends/guildies. LFR is like a night of heavy drinking. You never know what will happen and odds are you will regret whatever does happen. If raiding meant having to use LFR, I would pass on raiding. Just my .02
    Good analogy, especially after my 5th whiskey.
    "When i am done with you, you won't trust your own mind."

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    Theres always a reason you are kicked from LFR.

    Here are your solutions:

    1) Dont suck at dps

    2) Dont suck at healing

    3) Dont kill the raid

    4) Dont remain dead and wait for a rez, run back

    5) Dont afk and auto follow people

    There you go, surefire ways to not get kicked from LFR.
    Actually because I chose to not be lazy and run back. Got me ejected from a LFR recently because "the f&[email protected]%#€ noob wasn't in the instance"

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