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    Quote Originally Posted by grandpab View Post
    A t-shirt...the same t-shirt I received from the same person last year.

    Lol, that's a great troll tho

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    I got a cheap remote control car and a electric quad bike that did 5mph, i was 18 at the time. I didn't know what to say.

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    I like how everyone is saying they get bad gifts, but did they actually do something to get the right gifts? You can't expect everyone you know to be an expert on what you need or want, so don't expect something you need or want for christmas either. It is a lot better to make a christmas wishlist and give people so they know something about what you want. Though only list items you can use multiple off instead of multiple large items you only need one of. Lets say you list a game console (rich friends and stuff) and almost all your friends buy one for you, would be pretty stupid.

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    My son is 3 this year and we have got him presents but not gone crazy so he understands the meaning of Christmas and not think about ££££. However our house looks like santa's grotto :P I've seen my aunty be all snotty and stamp her feet one year when she didn't get the phone she wanted and to be honest if anyone I know now acts like that I'd probably give them a clip round the ear, at least they have a loving family which I know sadly a lot of people out there dont.

    I honestly don't mind not getting presents for Christmas, my partner tends to get me a couple of games but I tell her not to bother. As long as my kids/partner and sisters are happy then so am I

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    Every year we have a 'shit bag' in our house, where everyone puts in their worst presents and basically swaps them with everyone else. I usually dont get many presents anymore so its hard for me to remember bad ones, probably clothes, i always feel bad because 90% of the time they dont fit, everyone assumes because im tall i need large, which is just ridiculously baggy on me, and i never want to ask for receipts to take them back and get something else, so they just go in the wardrobe lol.

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    I think I got a couple crappy scratch tickets last year from my pretty well off aunt and uncle.

    I don't typically get bad gifts though. Either I get bought something big I want, for example last year my new computer was paid for, or I get a bunch of cash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcall View Post
    Money is boring? If someone is getting me anything OTHER than money(or some sort of gift certificate, which is almost the same thing), they really don't know me well enough to be getting me something in the first place and probably shouldn't bother.

    See, I shop constantly. If you go to get me a movie, unless it's a movie I specifically requested, it's about 99% likely I either have it already or don't have any interest in it to begin with-either way, the gift is useless to me and you would have been better off saving your money. Same with CDs, sure, you may know what bands I like, but the fact is, you're not likely to find something by said bands I don't already have, unless I don't already have it for a reason(ie, I sampled the album and it sucked). Clothes? Uh uh, I don't like other people picking stuff for me to wear, as I am particular-even if it's a shirt for something I like, it doesn't mean it's a shirt I want to wear. I collect knives and other weapons, so maybe you might consider getting me a blade-except, again, I'm particular about the blades I want...and I already have a lot of blades, so unless you're really familiar with my collection(which expands regularly), you won't know if the blade you're getting is one I already have. Even things which should be simple can be messed up. My mom knows I enjoy shooting, so last year, she bought me a box of 500 rounds of 9mm ammunition...which was useless to me. Not because it was the wrong caliber, but because the ammo was steel cased, and the ranges I go to forbid steel cased ammo.

    So no, money isn't boring, money is ideal-it's one gift you can be absolutely certain I both want and will use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    My parents are well-off. They got my 8 year old brother a fucking yoyo and a pair of glasses last year. My dad is the cheapest man you will ever ever ever ever meet, so to make sure my brother doesn't have another crappy Xmas, I bought him a PS3.
    awwww, thats nice mang

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    All I ask for for Christmas is a book that I haven't read that my relatives believe I will like. One year I did get a ten scratch-off tickets as a joke gift and none of them yielded any money. That is almost a statistical anomaly.
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    I used to get socks. Please do tell me how awful your Xmas is. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    I used to get socks. Please do tell me how awful your Xmas is. :P
    Socks are an awesome gift when you're an adult. They are shitty to give to kids though.

    For some reason I can never find a pair of socks around here.

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    In my family there are no bad gifts. Everyone always asks what everyone else wants. So normally everyone gets stuff they asked for.

    - Also I don't think there are bad gifts, What you think is bad someone else would love to have. People these days are just greedy.
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    I dunno. I generally tell people not to get me presents because I don't like the way they end up working. Money ends up wasted on a guessing game on what somebody will like that excludes anything that they may already have or somebody else may be getting them or they may be getting themselves, etc. Even with flat out money it's still silly because it creates a feeling of equal gift-giving repayment where you give somebody $X and they feel like they have to give you $X back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alixie View Post

    People arent asking their rich relatives to buy them TVs or such, Id rather get nothing than something thoughtless. Expired food, getting the same present back as a re-gift, and one poster said their rich aunt gave them passport holders knowing they were too poor to travel. C'mon.

    *wait wait, mushrooms. OMG I know what to get people I hate. A package of mushrooms! rofl
    This is something I've always agreed with. I usually only have like 7-8 people i buy presents for each year, family and friends, and trying to decide on what to get that many people, and on my limited budget, I still work hard to look around for a gift I've at least put some thought into.
    You can tell, with the meaning of the phrase, its the thought that counts. and even if you can't find something deeply meaningful, just something like bathroom products, chocolates, a bottle of some nice wine or something, long as you know they might like it.


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    Money is the best present you can get, you can't go wrong with it.

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    I've had some pretty bad gifts. But it's important to understand all the gifts I got I was extremely grateful for. Even is someone gets me something that is not right for me in the slightest it is still extremely pleasing to know someone thinks enough about me to go out and get me something the think I might like. So when I say "bad gift" it's mostly tongue in cheek.

    When I was about 12 my great grandmother got me a very nice Auduban Society book of Bugs. Man It was nice...all in color by bug family. Yeah, I've always been terrified of bugs.

    I think the worst was the Christmas right before I moved into my first apartment on my own. Nothing but apartment stuff. Pots, pans, kitchen stuff and other misc home items. it was all great stuff that I still use today. It's was bad because it was one of those sad growing up moments.
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    When I was like 8-9 I got a penny from my grandparents on my father's side for Christmas. That penny doesn't exist anymore, but it was a 50 öring for anyone who's Swedish and can translate how much (little) it was worth. And no, I didn't collect coins or anything like that.

    Other than that, I can't think of anything. It makes me chuckle thinking about that though, my father's parents are probably the cheapest people I've ever met.
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    A Starbucks Giftcard. I don't drink coffee. I ended up using it a year later to buy coffee beans for the same person who gave me the card.

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    I always got great presents as kid from my family, which actually made me kind of mad as I got older. My parents would ask me what I want for Christmas, and I'd say, "Hmmm...well you and the rest of the fam could each pitch in $5 to get me this game, that's all I want. This. One. Game. Just. One." Christmas rolls around and I get from them: the game, other games, clothes, candy, etc.. I always spent a decent amount on them ($30-$50), but I still felt kind of guilty. This year I gave them each ONE comic to get me...and what's probably going to happen is one person is going to give me all of those comics, the others are going to get me random games and stuff that they know I want but didn't get because I couldn't afford them. So I'm going to feel guilty. Again. Oh well, spending the usual $30-$50 on each of them. XD

    As far as bad presents go, my relatives and stuff were always kind of out of touch with what I liked, but the thought was appreciated. Almost every present I've gotten from a relative has been bad, but I appreciate them regardless.

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    I get nothing and I give nothing, I find it lame to be giving presents just because it's a certain date that I don't particularly see any reason to celebrate..
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