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    Complaining about not getting good gifts for a holiday celebrating a fictional character's imaginary birth. First world problems at their core.
    These aren't the spoilers you're looking for.

    Move along.

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    Now, Waaldo is prepared to look for this person like Prince Charming testing everyone to see just how bad their psychological disorder is if their foot fits in the glass slipper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waaldo View Post
    Complaining about not getting good gifts for a holiday celebrating a fictional character's imaginary birth. First world problems at their core.
    Traditionally, people in the First World have problems that are First World Problems. Are you expecting anyone on a gaming forum to have Third World Problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waaldo View Post
    Complaining about not getting good gifts for a holiday celebrating a fictional character's imaginary birth. First world problems at their core.
    Some of those gifting stuff would've been better off just saving that money. I've gotten the most useless stuff I could think of when I was younger.
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    Worst Christmas present?

    I got a can of spam once, literally a can of spam.

    Now, this was at a Christmas party where you were supposed to bring a 5-10 dollar gift for a gift exchange, yet I was kind of baffled why somebody would give away a can of spam.

    I will say the next year at the Christmas party I regifted the can of spam (because I never ate it) and through in a gift card on it, so I guess that would be the lousiest gift I have given, besides not giving anything at all. (I have an extremely large family and we have an expectation that everyone in the family gets something for everybody, and due to my forgetfulness and my habits of procrastinating things, I have forgotten a couple times for a couple distant relatives).

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    This is why I dislike the whole gift giving thing. In our society, it turns the focus to recieving instead of giving (the opposite of what the day is there to remind us of, the birth of the ultimate giver).

    On Topic: A sock from my brother that he wrapped and gave to me instead of throwing it away from all the holes in it. Worst, yet closest to the nothing I keep telling people to give me.
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    I hate getting gift cards, it's like giving me cash I have to spend at a certain place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEATHETERNAL View Post
    This is why I dislike the whole gift giving thing. In our society, it turns the focus to recieving instead of giving (the opposite of what the day is there to remind us of, the birth of the ultimate giver).
    I don't think most of the folks in this thread are really saying that though. A gift for someone can be a great thing if it's something that fits their style, but sometimes all the gift does is show folks that you don't know anything about them, at all. It stands out in the wrong way.

    For myself, it's mostly come down to "gift cards for stores I never go to", and once I got a gift card for a resteraunt that closed down right at christmas. I got the money for it, but it was more headache than anything. In addition, plenty of resteraunt gift cards I've gotten weren't even enough for a meal from that resteraunt, so...

    My mother would appreciate just about anything she got, but each year my brother would give her something stupid, then give his wife's mother the same gift + something else! That pissed her off quite a bit. ("here's a tin of popcorn for you, and for you, a tin of popcorn and a trivial pursuit game!")

    On Topic: A sock from my brother that he wrapped and gave to me instead of throwing it away from all the holes in it. Worst, yet closest to the nothing I keep telling people to give me.
    When my brother was little, he got a pair of used shoes. No one ever admitted to doing it, so no clue who it was from.

    For myself, finally last year I got the lump of coal I've been asking for for years. It's hanging on my tree this year.

    When I was in my teens, I would usually give a list of ISBN's for books I wanted and then end up getting a calender.

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    I personally kinda hate how Christmas is very gift oriented. I wish it was more like thanksgiving.

    If I have kids I think I'll end up turning it into a thanksgiving sort of holiday.

    Oh and worst gift I'v gotten was 100 dollars... in all pennies from my aunt.

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    Mine was actually more my fault than anything.

    One year, I failed to come up with a christmas list because I had basically already bought everything I wanted. So I was like, 'meh, gift cards.' X-mas rolls around, there are a TON of presents under the tree. My sister, mom, and dad were absolutely surrounded when I got done passing them out (my official job at X-mas lol), and I had a whopping 6 envelopes guessed it, gift cards. Was the most depressing X-mas ever, but again, it was basically my fault. And to make matters worse, several of the cards were to places I will NEVER shop at (like American so I ended up just selling some of them to my mom and taking the cash.

    However, that being said, I am not hard to please at X-mas. My grandfather sends me a box of mac'n'cheese every year. Different types every time, not just the run-of-the-mill stuff. This stems from the fact that when I was in the Navy, they lived in San Diego where I was stationed, and every few weeks they'd buy me a 'brick' of mac'n'cheese from CostCo (15 boxes in a package or something like that). So every year, he still supplies me with a box of mac. I actually look forward to it each year.

    One year, after I'd gotten out of the Navy and moved into my own place, I got things like towels, dishes, silverware, etc. Stuff to furnish my apartment with. Freaking rocked.

    Actually, this year is the first year in AGES that I've actually bothered to make up a list. Really curious what I'm going to get this year lol.

    As far as the whole 'meaning of X-mas, shouldn't be about gifts, etc' well, it's a holiday stolen by a mainstream religion and converted for their purposes, and seeing as I am NOT a religious person in the least, I really don't care what the actual spiritual meaning behind it is. It's a time for my family and I to pig out, give each other presents, and have a good time. That's all I need.
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    Politicians put their hand on the BIBLE and swore to uphold the CONSTITUTION. They did not put their hand on the CONSTITUTION and swear to uphold the BIBLE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    With gift-giving occasions I try to keep in mind that it's the thought that counts. It may not be a thoughtful-thought, in fact it's often a "saw this at the dollar store last week" thought (ty gramma... ), but still, they cared enough to keep up social expectations! and that's something! lol
    Ok, more seriously, presents for me are about the thought I put into a gift for others. That's where I get my fun. Yes, it can suck to get a present that doesn't feel as on-par with the time (hand made knitted items) or money I spent, but instead of dwelling on that I focus on that I saw my grandmother and she liked what I gave her, not on the 2 dollar slippers she gave me that don't fit (my mother used them, said they were comfy actually).

    Poor-presents can be a sign that someone doesn't know you well. They could care about getting you something nice but have absolutely no idea what you'd want, like, or use. Some might know, but then draws a blank when it comes to giving a gift that shows they know you. So you end up with the bath sets, pens and stationary, ties... Perhaps the quality of gift would improve if you worked on your relationship with your brother and sister in law? Invite them over for dinner, to summer parties, call them from time to time ore then you might now. This will help them learn about what you like by discussing your interests as part of conversations. If after forming stronger relationships they still give dreadful gifts then that's fine. Spend a similar amount ($30-$60 by the sounds of it) on a gift card (or bath sets..) and instead of worrying about the gifts, enjoy your family. (well, enjoy them as much as anyone does over the holidays when slightly grumpy about the cheap generic gift )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonas View Post
    here have this free dog turd.
    thank you i've always dreamed of having my very own dog turd! best christmas ever!

    worst christmas present i've ever gotten was probably clothes when i was 8 i think. i was like great clothes just what i asked for christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    So I'd like to open this up in two ways, one if telling about, from Christmases past, of crappy christmas gifts you either gotten or given, and two the reason why this was, or if there was more behind it.

    For the last few years, my older brother, with his family and nice home and sweet job, who makes the effort to tell how great his life is, for the past 3-4 years now, has shown pretty much the true nature of the stingy bastard bastard, or perhaps thoughtless goon.

    For years now, like i do everyone else, I like to spend time thinking of a good gift to get someone. Even if I know it won't be much to spend, I try to find a nice gift and put a lot of thought into it. For example last year, I put money together for both my brother and sister in law, and brought them a Christmas hamper in lots of christmas goodies and wine and cheese and other stuff. And for christmas, what did my brother get me? A cheap deorderent set I saw in my local chemist on sale for a few pound.
    Likewise, the year before, I brought them a cook book cause he liked to cook Italian meals and his wife a first season of one of her fav series, and they got me a game for a console I didn't even own, and he even asked me when opening it 'hope you can play it dunno if you got console'.

    I've decided this year, give him a chance, i won't spend much on him but I will still put a bit of thought into it, but if it becomes very obvious he doesn't give a shit I'll just stick to giving him book vouchers from here on.

    So anyway, crappy christmas presents and what you did in return.
    Well, dont you sound selfish.

    christmas isnt about that. if its about recieving the gifts.. then you should look inward, not out.

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    Oh jeez.. I'm 21 now, been living on my own for a few years.. So I haven't been expecting gifts, but when I was growing up my father would get me clothes every year. Always buying the wrong sizes. XL, or 36 waist pants.. Size 12 boots, etc etc..

    I'm about 6 ft, 150 lbs at age 21.. Back then, I was even more slender and lanky than I am now.. An XL shirt when I was 10 was like a tarp to me. And 36 waist pants, so I could wrap them around and wear them twice?

    Or the dirt bike and ATV he got me for Christmas, that I was never allowed to ride.. Why spend so much and not allow it?

    I asked for socks last year, I got some freakin' sweet socks, I will probably do it again every year from here on out.

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    One Christmas my Aunt got me another one of those "pretty fish" and put him in one of my Aquariums. When I found out about this one Christmas, My first reaction was Ohh shit and wanted the new one out of the tank and into my reserve tank asap. I came upstairs to see a torn apart Betta and my old Betta in Rambo mode with part of a Fin missing.

    He is still alive. Used to be very interactive with humans, eating out of Fingers, going to the glass when people are nearby. Now he is just very aggressive toward everyone.

    My Aunt meant well.This just shows two things. Pets are poor gifts and a badly researched gift brings nothing good.

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    Crappy christmas gifts, oh Iv'e gotten a ton of those over the years! Every single year I would get at least one mug/cup, thankfully I no longer do!
    I also used to get religion based gifts from one of my aunts (like invitations to "jesus camps" and what not, with cards written in A LOT of different colors, you almost got a seizure from trying to read it.

    Also me an my younger brother (2 years apart) always got, and still get the same exact gift from several uncles/aunts etc. Usually some really horrible cologne that never gets used, and socks, never the right size of course. That would make them useful.

    Knitted sweaters, often with some ghastly colors and pattern. Always the itchy kind.
    Knitted socks, didn't mind those as much as they are useful (iv'e got rather cold feet). But when you have an entire section of your closed dedicated to knitted socks, you know you get to many.

    Other gifts I hate getting are tableware, I do not need, nor want. Several different sets of non matching tableware, that will never get used. I am kinda vocal about that, and somewhat OCD.
    Let's not forget those somewhat distant relatives that "heard you are into gaming" for example, and gives you games that you are not remotely interested in (very first world problem, I know).
    And last but not least, age inappropriate gifts. There's nothing great about giving someone a gift, meant for people far younger, or far older than you are. Seriously, you don't even know the age of the person you give a gift to = Speak about being invested! *eyeroll*

    Best gift I ever got, and still get. Is a single chocolate covered marzipan pig, with some money. It's a gift me and my siblings have gotten as long as I can remember from our grandparents (mothers side). I dread the day I no longer receive that gift, will be a sad christmas for sure.

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    He who is not satisfied with a little, is satisfied with nothing.

    or better

    He who is not satisfied with a little, is worth nothing.

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    I'm usually happy with anything, but there was one gift I was pretty mad for receiving. My extremely obese grandfather gave me a dieting book he got for free. I've always been very skinny and struggled to keep my weight UP, so that present was not just lacking thought (which I don't mind) but a bit insulting and showed he practically had no idea about my life. And it's not like we're distant; he only has two grand children and we meet at least once a month.

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    well as a kid I would have said clothes this days i'm just happy if I can spend the holidays with the family

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeggBundy View Post
    You deserve nothing really, maybe some kleenex for your tears.
    Read the whole thread jackass, I said multiple times if you aren't willing to give cash/gift cards, I don't WANT a gift, and I would be perfectly HAPPY getting nothing. I would be happier if you save your money and time rather than spending it on something I can't use, at least that way you have more money to buy something for yourself. Not sure why that's considered a bad thing in your eyes.

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    I got a face sauna once, not really my thing. and i gave a alarm clock radio... pretty cheap
    sometimes you just don't know what a person wants!

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