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    Both US and EU is very hesitant to help the rebels directly and for a good reason.
    We all know what happened after the US support of the talibans vs CCCP.
    As shitty this situation is it is far from obvious what can happen in the power vacuum after Assad is gone.

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    Sadly not many people have any confidence left in US/UK intelligence or at least what they decide to offer allies, since Iraq.
    Yeah it's a shame. I have no doubt that they are the best agencies in the world at what they do, it's just a case of the information they end up giving, or are alleged to give.

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    Ok let me give it to you straight as I cba to go over 13 pages of people that have 0 clue what the fuck is going on in my country (Syria).

    I used to be a collage student there for the past 3 years , in wich 2 of them were in the middle of the on-going conflict and 2 months ago I was finaly able to get back to my family here in EU.
    So let me get to the point , I have seen , lived through things that as much Call of Duty you can play you guys can't even imagine lost family members to Air bombings , friends , collage studens being kidnaped then found 3 weeks later dead.

    The goverment of Syria has one of the biggest military forces around in the Arabic World , yet to be figured and found out this 2 past years as all of the information was hidden and unknown , Syria has a registered of 500 000 soldiers out of the 23 million population has an arsenal of over 4000~ Chemical rockets and as we speak all-mighty Isreal is spying on them so they don't get in the hands of Hamas / Hisb - Alah in Lebanon.
    The Syrian goverment is supported by Iran / Russia / China both military and economically , Syria has a 50 billion $ weapon deal with Russia and couple of months back Russia send them a pack of their best military air-crafts . There has been already couple of votes and Russia and China have voted with Vito so...
    As for you Americans that are for / against going in Syria or asking for the UN to go in well let me tell you this , IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN : let me tell you why =>
    Iran would not let any foreign soldiers to actualy step on Syrian soil as they will consider it a military action on their ally and will react with War (The Irany goverment has already issued it, directly from their highest general) so Isreal would not let that happen as its the closest target for Iran and something else would happen . Palestinian rebels will react / Hamas / Hisb-Alah in Lebanon will be given a direct order from Iran to attack is they are their main resours for everything .

    As for the Chemical weapons used or not , it doesn't matter after 2 years of bombings , artillery attacks have been on-going non stop and noone has done anything even Kofi Annan steped off after failing to figure out to do.

    Peace out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadvolcanoes View Post
    What's the cutoff point? Do we allow a modern day holocaust to happen and not intervene because its another country? I think chemical weapon use is a decent cutoff point for me.
    Let it happen and within 10 years you might have to give the syrian people their very own joker piece of land so they can live happily ever after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noobadin View Post
    Meh, the United States still shouldn't get involved in it. It's not our war to begin with, and it's not like we've never turned a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons before. Let the UN or some other nation go play world police and fix this.
    Thats exactly the point, stockpiling and/or using this chemical is against the UN's world law.

    Member states of the UN will meet and discuss it no doubt, and those willing nations will go in and stop it. US will likely be included in this.
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    Consider this philosophical question: If Blizz fails, but noone is there to see it. Will there still be QQ?

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