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    Maybe 40 or so before the tanks grasped the idea of the taunting order, but after that its all smooth sailing.
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    6 on normal, 61 on heroic apparently. Although about 58-59 of those were back when we were waiting for HoF and Terrace to open... After fully clearing those on normal, we went back to Heroic Stone Guard and two shotted it.

    You basically need to sort out your tanks. MSV in general is a very tank intensive raid instance, a lot is dependent on them to succeed in there with almost every boss. So if you're taking a new tank every time, you'll probably never kill Stone Guard unless the tank has done the fight before.

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    Normal mode: 4
    Heroic mode: around 75 (cobalt, jade and amethyst)

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    With guild >30 times.
    Yesterday with random group firsttry.
    Even Feng was firsttry with a totally screwed up phase 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciferiuz View Post
    Probably because you need to have downed some form of raid content to be counted a "raiding guild". Just a theory.
    I think if you're not able to beat Stone Guards on normal, or anything other raid content, you're not all that important to raid statistics.

    Normal: 4
    Heroic: 47
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    ~100 Tries. Although it took us maybe 90 Tries to realize that the "Taunt the Cat that just exploded if you got the next petrification" tactic just didn't work for us.

    Keeping two cats on one side and switching cats when necessary was a bit more work on the tankside but smoothed out everything else.

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    1 tank needs to have 2 cats, the other 1.
    with 2 cats, have the one with the petrification (the bar on the bottom) and one with the lowest energy together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntaer View Post
    1 tank needs to have 2 cats, the other 1.
    with 2 cats, have the one with the petrification (the bar on the bottom) and one with the lowest energy together.
    Can be achieved in 2 ways:

    Either by always "pulling" the lowest energy cat to you, regardless which tanking side you are on. Requires one taunt and has the simple rule of "Pull the cat that just exploded if your kitteh's gonna blow up next"

    Or by always keeping two cats on the side of one tank. Requires 2 taunts and a bit more awareness on the offtankside as to which cat he has to taunt. Rules are also simple: "Maintank only taunt when Offtank yells" "Offtank always taunt the cat with the highest energy from the maintank if YOUR cat is petrifying and yell at MT!"

    The latter version worked wonders for our raid.

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    You can see all your boss attempts on wowprogress now.

    Normal: 7
    Heroic: 24

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    In the start cause our tanks did not know what to do 15+ times

    Now one time from time to time cause we are unfocused and kid around the fight.
    We even once went with 5 healers for the fun of it XD

    Heroic 12 times so far no kill. Just to try it out.
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    4 times on normal, 66 times on Heroic.
    That HC progress was so bad from us. We wiped on Stone Guard 2nd most in MGV HC, just 2 tries less than Gara'jal.
    Not counting Reset Kings' resets, though.
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    2 before we killed it the first time, which only 1 person lived through. After that we have had maybe 4 or 5 wipes total.
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    Normal mode 7 times... Heroic :-D 126.. Seriously this was hardest HC for us in this tier :-D Feng bit the dust after 35 tries and Garajal after 16 :-D
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    Wiped upward of 30 times on this, mainly due to people being horribly undergeared the first two nights we went in. On our first kill the OT died at 20% so I tanked all three together, we got lucky with petrifies/overloads. We had the most fucked up combination (jasper+cobalt) as well though, that certainly didn't help.

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    About 20 in the first guild.
    30 in the second.
    20 in random pugs.
    Next guild, one shot and they died.

    It's just a mix of tanks who fail to grasp simple concepts. (I worked it out after about 3 deaths) the others didn't though.
    Piled with DPS being stupid with Traps and chains.
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    39 normal
    12 heroic

    Our dps was messy and tanks had difficulty with the taunting crap on normal.

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    If its such a trouble, bring 4 healers and tank all dogs together, just like lfr.(sure you could 3 heal it and still stack them)
    Problem solved.

    But yeh, tanks need to know how to taunt

    1 wipe normal.
    30-40 on heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santa666 View Post
    If its such a trouble, bring 4 healers and tank all dogs together, just like lfr.(sure you could 3 heal it and still stack them)
    Problem solved.

    But yeh, tanks need to know how to taunt

    1 wipe normal.
    30-40 on heroic.
    This wont work, unless having four healers somehow prevents you from being hit by 3x400k simultaneously.
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    on 25?

    i'll leave it to your imagination

    idiots and playing like a bunch of dicks, the leading cause of the disbandment of 25 man guilds

    split into 10 mans, pretty much one shot every boss on the raid night i was invited in

    We still haven't done heroic due to a lot of attendance issues. But planning on doing next week, I'd bank on 5 wipes or less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerGamez View Post
    It's just you. The fight is relatively simple if you understand the mechanics. Go check out icy veins guide as well as the numerous videos on youtube.
    Ignore this person.

    Stone Guards is the first fight of the Tier, and for the first time in years, actually requires your tanks to focus and time their abilities. While it isn't a complicated fight, it certainly was a test for a lot of tanks, even those who are experienced, because we've seen nothing like this for a good 3 - 4 years.

    We wiped for an entire night. Our Warrior Tank had just moved house, and was struggling as he was Tired and Stressed. The next night, we just one-shotted it. It is a very simple fight, but you just need to let your tanks get used to the mechanic. Watching guides will help, but communication between your tanks is key here.

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