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    Normal 6 times, still working on heroic at 15 wipes now. The fight isn't all that hard to tank no matter what combo you get.

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    Normal mode, we had about ~20-25
    Heroic Mode, we wiped 3 times -_-
    It was really just a Tank taunting issue, and once they got it down, the fight was easy.
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    About 2-3 hours of wiping, going in cold, before tanks got their system down, including a little bit of retarded dps not paying attention to where they were standing.

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    I think we had something like five wipes on normal. A couple to let the tanks figure out what they're doing, and a few more until we figured out you're not supposed to break chains.

    On Heroic, we had like ten.

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    Something like 60-70 wipes on normal. The time to learn the fight, and a another tank each evening.
    We didn't try heroic yet, we killed Blade Lord Ta'yak and have yet to try Garalon.

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    To all the people who say this is an easy fight, they either roll dps or heals. As a tank, is this fight easy? I don't think that's the right way to look at it. It's a simple fight, not overly complicated. BUT, you have to figure out what works for the MT and OT. That just requires experience and attempts on doing it. Some groups find that they need to rotate which tank is tanking 2 dogs, and which tank will tank 1. Other groups just have one tank tank 2, and the other tank 1 (on 10m of course). Sometimes, you just get a BITCH of a combo (Jasper, Cobalt, Amethyst - I'm looking at you).

    There are quite a number of variables that you have to take into account for this fight before you can properly gauge just how 'easy' this boss is. Plus, all the people who claim single digit wipes or less MOST LIKELY did this boss on the PTR. I've been raiding with the people in my guild since WotLK, and it took us an entire night of wiping before we downed this boss the next day we came in.

    To specifically answer the question, I'd definitely say we wiped on this boss at least 30 times before downing it.
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    normal probably once or twice because we didn't know the fight. heroic quite a few on first week, not anymore. Just get a good raid leader to call the taunts.

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    Like 50, before I gave up and got a new guild. I'm a healer and do not raid tank but, from what I'm understand from my old guilds tanks, swapping is hard or something. I'm not doing to judge because, as I said, I don't tank, but I can't help but wonder if maybe it's less 'swapping is hard' and more 'we're just awful'. IDK, IDK.

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    Wow well first of all thanks so much for all the responses i had no idea it would become this big of a thread. we are close to 60 wipes. i might try to pug it over the weekend and see how i do lol

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    Normal mode about 10, we went through a couple of weeks of getting new tanks in the guild which had to relearn the fight. It really is about the switches.
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    My guild went in on release night with the 10 most geared players in the guild. We still with all our "gear" averaged about 460 item level haha.. Wiped about 10 times.

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    If your tanks are as bad as ours than yeah a lot of times. even after 2 shotting it at release. we lost one tank and boom the next time we wiped like 10 times. also on the first boss of HoF we wipe because a bunch of idiots can't dodge circles. really bad.

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