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    Dark Apotheosis Mastery scaling

    Hi all,

    Been looking everywhere but can't seem to find any infomration on the damage reduction scaling from mastery for Dark Apotheosis. Could anyone help me out?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The damage reduction scaling is crap, on purpose, so that Dark Apotheosis Warlocks can't be viable tanks.

    The scaling used to be good at some point before release, but then it was nerfed, because DA Warlocks could solo stuff.

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    Fully naked I'm at 13.85% physical damage reduction. And you need something like 1320 mastery rating to gain 1% more physical dmg reduc. Dark Soul gives 11% dmg reduc.
    So yeah, in 491ilvl mastery-reforged pve gear, I'm only at 18.53% dmg reduction, so it's crappy scaling indeed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elodeon View Post
    but then it was nerfed, because DA Warlocks could solo stuff.
    Not because of they could solo stuff, but because they could tank stuff.
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    Soloing as a warlock.

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    I've been playing around on askmrrobot and see that with my current gear if I ignore everything but hit rating (PVP -6%) i'm able to gem/reforge/gear for around 9390 mastery. this would (according to your estimate of 1320 mastery) result in a damage reduction of almost 21%. And as I understand it, this would only result in the physical damage being reduced am i right?

    I'm playing around with goign full pvp tank in demo for flagcarrying randoms (for fun, so I don't need to hear that it's not viable) and I want to weigh the benefit of going allout on mastery or all out on resilience. Since there is an exponential gain in gemming resilience I am leaning towards that, however I would like to check how far you could come with mastery.
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    yes, the magic damage reduction is fixed at 15% I believe.
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