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    Raid team moving on to HoF, need advise

    Our raid team is looking at moving into HoF come the new year, but I can't seem to nail down what exactly we should be asking of everyone as we go into HoF. If anyone can help, or point me in the right direction I would give you a big Thank You! We are looking at it pretty straight forward right now. I am hoping to find out how much dps/hps we should be asking for. I understand that is not the be all end all for raiding, but I need something definitive so that people have goals. Our tanks are both 484/485 ilvl, beyond that I don't know a good way to judge them.



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    It depends on how far progressed you are now. If you can clear MV the first 2 bosses should just fall over. The most important thing in those two fights, by far, is movement. If you are stuck on elegon you have every chance of still killing the first 2 bosses in HoF.

    Garalon is HoF's cockblock like Elegon is MV's. It's a gearcheck to some extent with high dps and pretty high healing requirements. Add to this you also need to dps or heal on the move.

    You should be asking of everyone to know their specs yada yada. In addition to this, get them to youtube the fights so they can have a think about what they bring to the table for each one talent wise.

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    From my experience the fights are alot less straight forward than mogu´shan and playing on instinct will not work for most people. I know getting raiders to know and understand the fight takes time so make sure that you, as a RL or GM or whatever, understand exactly what everyone can and should be doing during each fight. Strategies can always be adapted midfight, but make sure you know all the gimmicks that the fights have, and what each class can do to deal with that properly.

    This sounds pretty vague but it´s the best I can give you that isn´t the standard advice.

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    Well people should always be trying to improve their DPS week on week. Start using WoL if you're not already, and you can use http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/ as a way for raiders to continuously analyse their performance (their percentile should go up each week if they're improving). You should consider starting to clear the first 2 bosses now, to give you a gear advantage, because they're easier than the later MSV bosses. Gear won't be an issue at this stage, if you're failing DPS checks it is because people aren't playing correctly, so the first point is the most important.

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    If you haven't already made it to and through Heart of Fear already, the best thing to do for your progression would be to identify your problem raider(s). You have at least one person holding you back in a serious way. Figure out what they're doing wrong and work with them on improving whatever it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maleric View Post
    If you haven't already made it to and through Heart of Fear already, the best thing to do for your progression would be to identify your problem raider(s). You have at least one person holding you back in a serious way. Figure out what they're doing wrong and work with them on improving whatever it is.
    It's entirely possible their raid times are just limited as well. Progressing past Elegon when can be pretty rough for semi-casual guilds that just raid for four-to-six hours a week. The fact that they're passed it puts them pretty high up the list when looking at how many guilds are still stuck in MSV.

    Of course, your advice is still very relevant. If someone is playing, say, an affliction warlock and consistently staying underneath hunters and rogues of the same ilvl then they need it brought to their attention that they could be doing a lot better as they have better tools to work with. There's no lack of resources on learning to play a spec.
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    If you've killed Elegon, you can kill the first two bosses in HoF. They have nerfed both a bit so you should be gtg with a night on Imperial Vizock and maybe 2 nights on Bladelord. There are lots of good video guides out there. I'd have your guildies watch a few of them and just get in there with some gusto. Go get em
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    Garalon 10M will likely require some kiting of pheromones by the healers if your DPS is struggling to meet the enrage.
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    I don't know what level you guys are playing at and for how long you've been in MsV. Myself I'm in a casual raiding guild currently at 16/16 normal. Here are some logs if you wanna compare ours/yours DPS/HPS and set some goals for your people. We're far from the best but you can take a look if interested. http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/146537/calendar/11-12/

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    Wow, thanks for all the responses. To be clear, we were stuck on Spiritbinder until we swapped out one of our healers. I am worried that our heals are going to be to low for HoF. We are currently 4/6 MV, but we only raid about 3-4 hours a week. We have yet to even pull Elegon, that is planned for Monday. Our 9th and 10th players have been very inconsistent that is why I was looking for some requirements. From what I gather from most people that responded, if we can get to 4/6 MV we should be alright to at least give the first couple bosses in HoF a shot. Thanks for the link Marizza, that will give me something to compare our raid to and see where we need to improve.

    BTW, I have been a Tankspot user for years and a friend said to try this site out instead. Glad I did, thanks for everything guys.


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