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    10M normal ambershaper: construct help

    raid is working on ambershaper and i was looking for advice on dealing with constructs. most guides i have checked out say that you should delay leaving the construct until you have another one up. the problem is that I've noticed that by the time dps get constructs down to 20%, willpower is too low to stay in any longer and the timer for next construct is still several seconds away.

    so what I'm wondering is what is the best way to deal with the constructs?

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    Get outa em Asap. If its in Phase 2, look at the timer for explosion (from the monstrosity) and the timer for next reshape. If Reshape is happening after the explosion simply tell the constructed person to eat a puddle or two to stay in there the extra bit.

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    Our working strategy was to just use a cooldown through the Monstrosity's explosion.

    If we have a construct up halfway through it's lifespan, and it works out that they can interrupt the Monstrosity, then great. If not, we just use Healing Tide Totem, Devo Aura, Vampiric Embrace, etc.

    We tried for about half a night trying to keep a construct up (through drinking puddles) just to interrupt the mini boss, and it created more problems for us than it solved. Within 2 attempts of just using a CD for the Monstrosity's explosion, we killed it.

    If someone is put into a construct when the monstrosity is sub 20%, we just have that person stay in it. Have that person drink all the puddles in the middle so you can stack up for AoE healing and cooldowns. All of our constructs drink 2 puddles upon reaching 50% willpower.

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