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    For BM pvp Devilsaur for sure 5% crit and heal debuff so you dont have to carry widow venom that means 1 keybind less =D

    I think Survival Dragonhawks are the best that 8% magic damage its good fro surv

    For MM i like Cats because mastery that means more chance to proc extra shots but 5% crit still really good

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    I'm forced to use sporebat because there are more casters and I wind up missing out on attack speed / +% dmg buffs. : ( I still beat everyone in my raid dps wise though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nangz View Post
    Lets talk each.

    5% stats: this gives probably between 600-900 agi. I dont think agi is worth 3 times any secondary so this is not the best.

    3k mastery- good but not a top stat over crit

    5% crit is 3k raiting. Since all hunters value crit over mastery its always worth using 5% crit.

    10% haste- this is 4250 raiting, if crit is worth 50% more than haste, use that. Otherwise THIS IS BEST.

    - armor, 4% physical and 5% magic. This changes by spec. Im on my phone so cannot tell for sure but i thin -armor is the weakest since it has to stack, if the target is alive long enough though it works.
    Mastery for BM is possibly better for BM than crit... at least PvP wise and from what I've experienced

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