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    Quote Originally Posted by Zogarth View Post
    Because it is a game, and ultimately it is a design flaw in the game, that it is WORSE to group up while for example fighting a rare. In my opinion, all 5 in the group (Or no matter how many was in it) should all get the invite.
    Stop blaming assholes being assholes on bad game design.

    What design in real like keeps you from keeping your promises? nothing but you being an asshole (this is not directed at you just a general statment)

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    remember when we dident have LFD, LFR and so on? always had to pug via trade or freinds? remember if there wasa 1 ninja on the server, he was doomed? today, you can ninja whatever the f**ck you want, without anybody care -.-
    This is not true. Even before LFR/LFD on my server Ninjas were still able to get into or form raids. The whole time they were being called out in raid and trade chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buxton McGraff View Post
    With the new cross realm zones, isn't it possible that they could have been from a different server?
    Last I heard CRZ is still not active in pandaria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Post your proof, that it's not enabled..

    My proof is, I daily see off-server toons in all Panda-zones..
    I never see anyone from another server

    My proof > your proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
    Good community should not rely on fear of repercussions to begin with.
    And now you're treading into a sociology/psychology debate that has raged through the ages since the time of the great Greek thinkers.
    I highly doubt either of us would find a conclusion on a videogame forum.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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