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    [Frost] Leveling damage 'bad'

    Hi I am leveling my mage and this will be my third character over 85, the previous two being priest/warrior. My damage on mobs and instances alike is rather low compared to what I was doing on my previous two classes. Both my warrior and priest were well over the 30k mark even at these lower levels. On my mage I struggle to break 18k single target as a level 85. My rotation is as follows:

    1. Frozen orb
    2. Keep Nether Tempest on target
    3. Frostfire Bolt Proc
    4. Ice Lance FOF proc
    5. Frostbolt

    I use Icy Veins, Mirror Image, Presence of Mind and Water Ele Freeze on CD/where best utilized.

    I also use frost armor and Arcane Brilliance.
    Talents are - Presence of mind, Ice Barrier, Ice Ward, Cauterize, Nether Tempest.

    While obviously regardless of my damage I still will level, its just a bit annoying doing such low dps, as I think I may be doing something wrong. Is this just how it is with my average gear or can I be doing anything different?


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    Using frost bomb and making sure that the target(s) is/are under pet freeze/nova/ice ward freeze/deep freeze the moment that the bomb goes off will 1-2 shot most mobs, and is godly for 5-6+ mobs in instances.

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    Take Frost Bomb and Glyph Ice Lance, its a blast trust me

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    ya I have 4 (5th soon) 90s and my frost mage was by FAR the highest damage while levelling, and when I do dailies on him its as fast as my feral druid who has a 20 ilvl advantage. 100% direct, controllable damage is OP for questing.

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    get rid of nether tempest.. its shit when its breaking all your frozen mobs.. bad for lvling imo.. frostbomb goes together much better when it explodes it does like 250,000 dmg x howevermany mobs near you because of the frozen bonus.. nethertempest wont come close to that. get glyph of ice lance for cleave dmg as well.

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    at 82 with the 425 sword when i get a windsong mastery proc i reach over 100% mastery. I've seen 60k+ single target frost bomb crits it is retarded.

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    Yep, as everyone's saying, take Frost Bomb and get used to Shattering targets with it. It'll absolutely truck most things, and the BF proc from it will take care of what's left.

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