Noobs Gone Pro has been around since TBC and still has some of the core members who founded the guild then, the guild has always aimed and achieved high by a combination of good leadership skilled raiders, and a dedication to progression. The guild has always held onto its relaxed, social and fun atmosphere which carries through into our raids but with the focus we need to progress at a strong pace.

Because of the guild been around so long there have been many breaks and gaps for the guild where people are either forced to or choose to leave wow for a time, after finding tier 13 a little boring many of our core members left the game untill MoP, returning to the game after this caused a delay in getting the guild back together leaving us with a slower start to the expansion. Nonetheless NGP quickly recruited the members we needed and starting our catch up, we pushed hard with progress and closed that intial headstart most guild got thanks to our members dedication to the guild. Currently we have cleared MSV 10 normal and are 4/6 HoF.

In NGP we have a desire to achieve, and we plan to do this by reaching the higher rankings on the server and therefore the world, we do not measure this by a certain rank we are aiming for, but simply we strive to reach our maximum potential by staying focused and dedicated. So long as we can look at where we are and honestly know we did all we could, then we are satisfied.

We are looking for more like-minded people, other raiders who share our goals and personalities. As a guild we are making a push to 25 man content and so are considering all applications, class and spec are not as important to us as you, the player. If you think you will fit in and can convince us to think the same then we are happy to give you a chance to then prove it.

In NGP you can expect a friendly and social atmosphere at all times, with a full roster of active people all making the game more enjoyable for the rest. As an NGP raider you can expect to be in a serious raiding envrionment that is focused on progress, but also enjoying the game, this is something we will not sacrifice for raid progression.

Reply here if you want more info and we will get back to you