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    Anyone have a good FREE video recording program?

    Anyone have a good free video recording program that isn't FRAPS?

    As much as I liked the program, 30secs is kinda short to do what I want to do, and I'm just recording gameplay to show a friend how to do certain things in WoW/D3, so I'm really not trying to pay money to do it.

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    check out MSI Afterburner.

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    I use Bandicam, gives you 10 minutes.

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    Camstudio is a pretty good free/open source recorder.

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    MSI Afterburner... Or stop being cheap.
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    $35 gets you a lifetime to the program! all updates free of charge, etc., etc.

    worth it
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    xfire can record
    xsplit is for broadcast, but can be used to record to HDD

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