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    Any quest item addon out there?

    Hello, I am looking for an addon that uses all my current quest items at the touch of a keybind.
    Anything like this out there?

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    Not being too dense but how do you mean use?

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    how would this even be possible?

    Imagine you got 2 quest items in your pocket. Now you get to that objective where you are expected to use on of them. You klick your desired keybind. And now how exactly will that addon be able to know which of the two you wanted to use right now?

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    Here is a macro. I haven't tested this yet, but probably works.

    /click [mod:ctrl] WatchFrameItem3; [mod:shift] WatchFrameItem2; WatchFrameItem1

    This should allow you to use either of the first 3 quest items in your watchframe if you have that many at once. (watchframe being your quest tracker)

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    Theres also an addon Qbar that will create a bar for your quest items to click on,.

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