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    Garalon raid tricks for frost DKs

    Just curious if anyone has any tips on cooldown usage and general strategy for garalon 10 normal? They have me soaking the thrashes some of the time while tanks take stacks of pheromones.

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    Shouldn't the tanks be taking the cone attack at the same time as pheromones. They just have to be careful about where they stand.

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    We tried having the tanks take pheromones and found that it just didn't work out well since it's hard to stay in melee range while kiting.

    As for cooldown usage: Use ams whenever your kiter has a significant amount of pheromone stacks (10+) to reduce incoming damage and gain lots of rp.
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    It's extremely stupid for the tanks to be making you take the cleave. Like..... really stupid. Tell the tanks to stop being terrible and do it themselves.

    As far as taking the swipes on heroic mode (1 tank, 1 plate dps)

    Stay in blood presence (switch to frost presence when CDs are up), use IBF to mitigate some damage, use your pet sac and warn healers well before that you are going to use it. Use AMS at 10+ stacks to mitigate a lot of damage, spec into purgatory just in case to avoid and accidents.

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    A howling blast cast on the body will hit both of the front legs.

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    AMS at high stacks, howling blast hits the front leg when targeting the body.

    Only hit legs if you're actually getting the buff. Cleave damage from the body to unbuffed legs is fine though.

    Lastly get the glyph of shifting presence. Shift to blood presence for each stomp and simply swap back. Saves quite a bit of damage and you can't do anything for a couple seconds because of stomp anyways.

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    If you're standing in the Weak Points circle and hitting the body with howling blast, will that howling blast damage be increased for the leg you're buffed for?

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    Dual wield frost can do some crazy damage at garalon.

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    But is it worth it to make focusmacro for howling blast used for body and just hit the leg with frost strikes etc... I quess that explains why i see some DK:s ranking highly in that fight

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    Garalon DPS is pretty much who can whore on the legs the most (not that I mind since I get to do it and rank in the top 10 ). A focus macro isn't really useful because the damage you do to the legs directly translates into damage you do to the body...

    One thing to note, there are certain places you can hit 2 legs and the body with howling blast.

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    Ah good to know. Also do you have any tips about DnD placement? I know it's DPET is great at 2 or more targets, but since Garalon is moving constantly, is it worth using? And is it even possible to hit both the body and a leg at all times (or for the majority of it's duration) with it?

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    It should be possible, the hit box of the body is pretty big. You're probably going to end up losing some ticks on at least one of the targets anyway.

    Drop dnd right before a crush or furious swipe if you're worried about losing ticks, he doesn't move while casting them.

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