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    [H] LF 10M Guild. 479 Mage!

    • Server: US Americas
    • Faction: Horde
    • Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...emindar/simple
    • Times: Anytime Wednesday and Sunday.
    • DPS: It varies, and I really dont have any strong logs at the moment. (If you wish to know, test, ect. get with me via BattleTag. Normally 70k+)
    • BattleTag: Demindar#1797
    • Looking for a 10man Horde guild.

    Here are some of my accomplishments:
    • Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider - 8/5/12 (Actually had H Spine / Madness down before getting this due to helping another group progress)
    • Glory of the Cata Hero - 1/16/2011 (Was one of the server first, not to long after Cata released)
    • Heroic Madness of Deathwing - 5/13/12 (Top 3000 world I think at this time)
    • Heroic Sinestra - 3/8/2012 (Even though a tier behind, still a good date considering a lot of hardcore guilds were having trouble)
    • Heroic Rag - 3/20/12 (Still feel like this was a pretty good date seeing as I was in a casual guild)

    About Me
    "It doesn't matter who we are... what matters is our plan." - Bane.
    I've been playing WoW for a very long time. I often took break in BC and such, but have been playing consistently (Not a month I havnt played) since Wrath. I am above 18, and 21 for that fact, so I'm not going to rage quit like a 12 year old cause I didnt get loot. Loot systems really dont matter to me. The way I view it is, Ill get loot eventually.

    I do like to Min / Max my gear as much as possible. I always like the challenge of aiming for that number 1 spot on meters (Damage Done, cause lets face it...dps isnt everything). Even if I get 1 piece of gear thats an upgrade, Ill reforge all my gear as needed. Its how I do. I make sure to burn all my LFR before the raid that night just to make sure I can help benefit the raid as much as possible.

    I am pretty casual, but I also like to get things done. I guess Semi-Hardcore. As stated I can only really raid 2 days (Wed, Sun) and maybe a 3rd day occasionally (Tuesday, and if it becomes more consistent.) If my job decides to keep me full time, then I wont be able to make Tuesdays. However, if they keep me part time, Im free on that day as well.

    I enjoy PvE the most, and hardly participate in Rated PvP (Arenas mainly. I want to get into rated RBGs, but with work my time is VERY limited). I will do the occasional BG on my days off, if Im not playing some CoD: BO2, or Halo 4. I have a good sense of humor, and I like to joke around when its the right time. I take direction very well, and am generally a quick learner. If I mess up, I expect to get called out on it, and I will not argue. I take blame for my own doings if its rightfully mine.

    Why am I looking for a new guild? My current guild, and group are made of FANTASTIC people. I love playing with them and enjoy every aspect about the guild. However, I am looking for a slightly more hardcore raiding team. I talked with the leader of both my guild and the leader of my raid and they understand. I agreed to help and do my best to continue helping them until I find another group. Both have admitted I am capable more of what we currently have, and support my decision and wish me luck.

    Thats all I can really think off. If I missed something, go ahead and add my BattleTag (Demindar#1797) and ask. Hope to hear back from some of you
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    Ill try getting some solid logs to post on Sunday

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