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    Weapons are the most exciting thing to upgrade, i for one am glad they are so rare, id get bored very quickly if i was fully geared within a few months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinleezwins View Post
    My thoughts are, why you are so keen about a 476 weapon if you only run LFR?
    Because everyone wants to improve.

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    You also need good gear to beat the enrage timers on Brawlers guild.

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    I was stuck with 463 weaps since the 2nd week of mop. Killed sha on normal last week and used my last token and ba
    Axe checked the boss he had an axe! Got both TG ftw

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    Got 4 heroic gear pieces and decked out with normal for the rest. 4/5 set aswell (2 pieces heroic). Expect for my weapon. It's blue :P Tough luck. My sha touched gem thingy is slowly rotting away in my inventory :P Kinda silly to be wearing heroic gear and full normal and still not the mystically epic achievement ;D And I see non raiders in my guild that just slap LFR getting it ^^ I don't mind though, Although I do admit I'm going to jump a hole in the roof the moment I finally get a weapon upgrade :P

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    I did Ulduar for 27 weeks without getting Siren's Cry to drop, had the naxx 10 bow for all those weeks :/

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    I got 1 pvp weapon, 3 starshatter and 1 shin'ka. rng is rng and you just have bad luck
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    Quote Originally Posted by unrealeck View Post
    I'm not sure if Blizzard reads these forums but this is simply to add more ammunition against this subject.

    They should have added Valor point weapons to the game. I've been grinding daily quests which I HATE every week just to get the 3 elder tokens for a bonus roll on loot. I've done this for the 3 months or however long the LFDR has been open in MoP.

    If I look at all my Elegon kills from LFR, I have 8 kills. 4 Amber shaper and 6 Sha of Fear. 18 rolls on bosses which drop weapons not counting using Elder charms and I've gotten nothing. Now if you also add the 3 charms I've used only on bosses which drop weapons almost every time, that's a lot of chances at getting a weapon, yet still nothing.

    So I've just went and grinded dailies which I hate, just for an extra chance at getting a weapon yet even after all these rolls I've done on weapon dropping bosses, I've still had no weapon.

    I can't think of any good reason there's no buyable weapons in MoP for Valor points. Yes, I am well aware that they typically give some classes the best increase in DPS however there's no good reason I can think of for completely omitting them when they can be introduced at a fairly high price (3500 or something) for people that want to grind the points.

    I'm well aware it is random and extra charms don't guarantee loot, so there's no point bringing it up as I've seen a lot of you do in similar threads. Randomness is fine but I should have the option to buy an item if I've been grinding monotonous, mind numbing, boring, repetitive daily quests in the vain hope that I might actually get a weapon this week, only to be dissapointed time and time again. If I've done something so many times and I still don't even have an option to buy a weapon with all the Valor I've grinded which is another grind anyway, it's incredibly frustrating.
    Another excellent thread about loot.

    TLDR: RNG Dude. Do Normal/Heroic is you want gear faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winkle View Post
    3001 valor then
    What you have done, I have seen it.

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    3 months feels like an exeggaration, besides... Rng is rng...! So no, I don't think this should be implemented..
    But if we'd have to implement some sort of weapon improvement, I'd rather be able to gain a decent pre-raid weapon (maybe LFR item level, or upgraded heroic item level) through a hardcore! class quest or something than just adding something else that will most likely in your scenario require dailies and VP...

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    Its a scaling problem on blizzards end. I read in an interview that weapons for DKs and wars is a massive dps increase. I truly believe its how they are controlling dps and allowing a small % to get it first. Blizz is very smart in their ways for sure. I guess you can xmorph what ever you have an pretend its awesome for now atleast until blizz decides to open the gate for 2hd weapons up.

    I wish they would go back to the blacksmithing way of bop items. My lionheart executioner is my xmorph sword of choice by far.

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    It could be worse. You could be like me who does lfr and sha every week- so what, maybe 10 MV, 8 HoF and 2 Terraces? (not sure when they all came out so guessing). I have received 3 belts and 2 crit/nonspirit rings (not great for shadow). That is it. Period. I used my coins, too, always gold. I got to the point of only having 3 coins a week due to trying in both lfr and my guild's raids. I have become totally disheartened

    WoW since '06, Army wife since '09, U of MD Law

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shockzilla View Post
    I have got 3 weapons from LFR, yes I have been lucky. Does the loot system need to be improved, yes. Is it broken, no.
    On the main I'm doing LFR with, I've gotten three weapons (one offhand, two main hand). The third drop was the main hand sha-touched weapon, which just dropped last night. Just 3 sigils left to unlock the next Wrathion quests, so it was well timed.

    Dancing Steel enchant costs 10k g on my server, though. Good grief.
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    [QUOTE=S2omegaS2;19351294]LFR is a great option for people that don't want to sell their soul to a game
    So you can take your elitist attitude elsewhere[COLOR="red"]


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    Quote Originally Posted by BLSTMASTER View Post
    That would make it unobtainable!! :O (3000 cap)
    I be honest this made me lol But random loot is random

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