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    Is it possible to set Heroic mode on an alt?

    As title says...

    Due to the new account-wide achievements, is it then possible to set a raid to Heroic mode on an alt which has not cleared the raid on normal, but your main has?

    Anybody tried that?

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    I haven't tried it yet but I would have to imagine no; given there are no specific achievements tied to clearing it on normal vs. LFR like there was with Destroyer's End, it wouldn't track for achievements. This system is probably going based on your statistics (LFR kills vs normal kills vs heroic kills) rather than any achievement progress.

    Now what *should* be possible is if you go with the alt on a day before your main raids, you zone in with your main and this creates the instance, at which point anyone can set the difficulty and the main can leave (this is what I've heard works for those that want to go to normal ToES without clearing HoF).
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