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    [US] Check your BMAH! Looking for Plagueheart Shoulderpads.

    Hello everyone.

    First of all I'm not sure if such a Thread is allowed @ Mmo-Champion.(Feel free to delete the Thread if my request is against the rules)

    Anyway I would really appreciate if you fine Folks at Mmo Champion could keep an eye out for the Plagueheart Shoulderpads and inform me if the Item is currently available at your Black Market Auction House. (Time left,current bid,competition from other Player's,Realm Name,Size and Type).

    Also feel free to add my Battletag -> Discpriest88#1145 if you're willing to keep me updated over the next days.
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    are you planning on transfering servers just to buy them?
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    That appears to be the plan. Would be an awesome set as a non-lock!

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    Another Day Another Chance.

    Still looking for Player's willing to add my Battletag->Discpriest88#1145 and keep me updated.(Medium population server only please)
    So far i received Battletag's from the following Server ->Bleeding Hollow,Thrall,Laughing Skull and Aggramar
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