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    Reroll Guild with Morning Raid Times - Looking for interest

    I'm trying to find out how much interest there would be in a new reroll guild that would raid weekday mornings. I don't want to finalize any details or start anything until I see if there is enough interest, but here is the basic outline I'm looking at:

    Server Type: US-PvE

    Faction: Undecided, but leaning towards Horde

    Style: Semi-Hardcore 10M raid team with backup raiders and social members (In my opinion at least, I know definitions of that vary some.)

    Raid Times: Weds/Thurs approx. 7AM-10:30AM PST and possibly Mon as well

    Requirements for Raiders: Some raid experience or demonstration of capability for raid awareness/preparedness; 98%+ attendance; knowledge of chosen class

    Reroll Date: on or after Jan 7

    Would anyone be interested?
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