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    Anyone managed to kill Millhouse Manastorm yet? My best attempt yet has been 10M, and while I was missing a few buffs, I don't feel like I'm gonna kill him with my current gear, and 4set bonus won't do much to remedy that with the 2min enrage. So if you have already, could you post and let the rest of us know what kind of gear you're sporting?

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    I did it with 494ilvl ( HC Starshatter ), i went mastery over crit, still kept Sanctified wrath, also u want to pre-potion, food buff + Flask, also u'll need atleast the first or 2nd wave of shards to be both on you, otherwise u wont make it

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    What kind of time remaining did you have until fiery rain of doom?

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    i don't know exactly how much time, but pretty sure around 3 secs or so, also remember u can use bubble and still have the debuff stacks

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