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    (A) Borean Tundra <AFK For Trash> Late night raiding guild LF ranged DPS

    Hello all, we are currently in need of a ranged dps for our core raid team. <AFK For Trash> is a 10 man semi casual late night raiding guild, we are currently 6/6 (N)MSV, 3/6 (N)HOF. We are currently raiding Mon/Tues/Wed nights and Thurs nights as well if people are available, we raid from 11pm-1am server time(CST). Looking for a skilled ranged class to fill out our core team, must know all current content and be available to meet 100% raids at least Mon-Wed night raid times. Needs to know how to play their class and follow simple boss mechanics, prefer a decently geared player but we could work around getting a phenomenal applicant geared. Also needs to show up on time, flasked, and food buffed ready to go usually about 10 mins b4 actual raid time so that we can pull right on time since we only raid 2 hrs each night.

    Looking for
    -Hunter(any spec)

    Please hit up Motorboat, Carnaige, Voltagë, Tylënol , or Vìsàrå in game for further info.
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    Still looking, need a solid dedicated ranged dps.

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