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    [A][Aggramar-US]<Eternium> Recruiting Tank, Heal/DPS, and DPS

    We are currently 6/6MV, 5/6HoF located on the Aggramar-US server. Our progression is currently at a standstill due to poor attendance and poor play. We are in the process of replacing 3 of our current raiders to help with our progression.

    Current Needs:
    1 Tank: Prefer Prot Warrior, but will consider all.
    1 DPS with Heals off spec. Prefer els/resto shaman, but again will consider all.
    1 DPS, prefer rogue or frost DK.

    Our Raiding Rules/History:
    Etermium currently raid on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday starting 6:15pm server time. Raids may go longer then 9:15 depending on progression, but usually will not go later then 10pm server. Server time is Central time. Progression nights (Monday) may only be used when new content is introduced. All raids will be scheduled via in-game calendar, in order to participate in a raid you must accept the invite.

    Raiders are expected to show for all raids. You are making a committment to raid with us and with few backups attendance is very important. If you are unable to make a scheduled raid that you have signed up for, we ask that you let an officer know prior to the raid with as much notice as possible. Raiders are expected to be online and ready for invites 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the raid, unless and officer is notified beforehand that you will be late. Raiders are expected to have all gear gemmed and enchanted appropriately, and use flasks and food buffs corresponding to their roles within the raid group at all times.
    Raiders are expected to make a reasonable effort to improve their knowledge and skill to maximize their characters effectiveness in raid encounters.

    How to Apply:
    To Apply please visit our website at eterniumofaggramar.enjin.com or contact Lutherian in game for more information.

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    Update: We are still searching for a DPS with healing offspec or general healer.

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