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    Been playing this awesome game for a while now...And it's everything Diablo should've been (gameplay-wise) Kind of psyches me up for Diablo 3 as well.

    I have a level 55 Destroyer and still going. Been trying to do every sidequest and unknown dungeon imaginable.

    How have your experiences with Torchlight been?

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    Re: Torchlight

    I played the demo, and it seemed pretty fun. Can't decide whether or not to buy it. I still need to get Dragon Age, but maybe if I have any money left I'll get Torchlight.

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    Re: Torchlight

    I REALLY want this game. Sadly my paypal account is about 3$ short...

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    Re: Torchlight

    What do you think will happen with this game once D3 does come out? I have looked at the graphics and some gameplay vids but... Don't get me wrong they do look great, but I also look for longevity in a game. I have been playing online games for 15 years now and I generally sick with 1 for a very long time. When I was younger I was a console fan crushing out a game a week, but at some point I wanted more substance. I don't think I will get this game, even though it looks great, because I don't think it will be around all that long. After D3 comes out I would either switch to D3 or feel resentment and sad that the torchlight world was just destroyed. /shrug

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    Re: Torchlight

    I loved it.. for a while.

    After a few levels it just got really monotonous for me. Get a quest > kill zombies > go back to town > get a similar quest > etc. > etc.

    So I quit somewhere in the middle of the game.

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    Re: Torchlight

    Quote Originally Posted by diablo1903
    I REALLY want this game. Sadly my paypal account is about 3$ short...
    Transfer money from your bank account.

    OT: been playing Trochlight for a while level 20 atm me thinks fun game to play inbetween things .

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    Re: Torchlight

    I got this for Christmas and just started playing it. It's good for when you just want to relax and play a real Diablo 2-esque game

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    Re: Torchlight

    Oh i want this game! I am downloading the demo now to see if it is as good as the videos i saw. Sadly i've run out of money "/
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    Re: Torchlight

    It was fun for about 5 hours. After that you realize it is the same thing over and over again.
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    Re: Torchlight

    It definitely entertained me for a good 10 hours or so of good old hack-and-slash. It's basically Diablo 2 with a Diablo 1 style dungeon and a few nice gameplay improvements.

    Was great fun, but unfortunately I found the lack of options for character creation and development compared to Diablo 2 had me getting bored of the thing after I'd completed my first playthrough.

    Playing through the second time it's just the same thing again, and there aren't enough different options or talents to keep me interested. That and half the talents are shared between all three classes anyway, which I didn't think was a good approach.

    But great for while it lasted.

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    Re: Torchlight

    It was fun for a while, but after a few days of playing, I didn't want to play unless it was with some friends.
    So back to Diablo 2..

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    Re: Torchlight

    Repetitive game-play at is finest. Dungeon after dungeon, boss after boss and large group of monsters aft- you get my point.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game when it was first released. My friends and I are waiting for the developers to release the online patch/version.

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    Re: Torchlight

    Loving playing at caster alchemist :P
    round mob after you---> blast em with nice light show--->????----->loot
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    Re: Torchlight

    Then what is this Torchlight Multiplayer I keep hearing about?

    The Torchlight MMO is a separate game from the Torchlight ARPG that has already been released. It will be a free-to-play + online shop MMO game set in the Torchlight world. This will be an MMO, and thus multiplayer. This is not a multiplayer mod to the Torchlight ARPG and you will not be able to carry over your current Torchlight character into the MMO version.
    Its not a mod or a patch. The only online gameplay being developed by them atm is a brand new MMO, based on torchlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genuine View Post
    My friends and I are waiting for the developers to release the online patch/version.
    Same here! Hoping they don't lose interest considering the new mmo though =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JW1984BE View Post
    Same here! Hoping they don't lose interest considering the new mmo though =)
    You're about 2 years late. Mod should lock this thread.

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    Closing, please don't necro, especially a two year old one.

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